Florida Georgia Line Spills on Tour Diets (and the Fast Food They Splurge On)

Hint: if the 'hot light' is glowing, the country duo knows just where to go for that sweet tooth indulgence.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Florida Georgia Line Spills on Tour Diets (and the Fast Food They Splurge On)
Florida Georgia Line; Photo by Delaney Royer

Tour life isn’t the easiest way to keep up with one’s health, but the guys of Florida Georgia Line make their diets a top priority whenever they hit the road.

From green smoothies to lean protein dinners, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard make good choices whenever they sit down for a meal. Rather than chow down on greasy fast-food options, they make sure the cleanest foods are around to snack on in order to fuel their bodies for the strenuous nights performing.

Letting loose every once in a while, the duo balances out with some of their favorite indulgences. Although they keep the sweets to a minimum, there is one joint on the side of most freeways that drive their taste buds wild when that red light is shining bright.

“If I drop by a Krispy Kreme and the hot sign’s on, hell yeah! I don’t care what time of day it is, I’m going in,” Kelley said in an interview with Country Living. “That’s a Kelley family rule: If you drive by — it can’t be two days in a row — but if you drive by, you have to go in. If you see it, there’s a reason you saw it. You go.”

Although Hubbard also chooses his cheats, he opts for more of an Italian-style splurge like chocolate gelato and pizza. One thing they both agree on, though, is that they’ve always gotta have a Solo cup filled with whiskey to get the night going.

Florida Georgia Line will kick off the Dig Your Roots 2017 Tour later this month, followed by their much-anticipated Smooth Tour with Backstreet Boys and Nelly in the summer.