Get to Known Newcomers Gone West in a Rapid-Fire Round of Q&A

They're answering all the tough questions ... like "Queso or guacamole?"

Written by Chris Parton
Get to Known Newcomers Gone West in a Rapid-Fire Round of Q&A
Gone West; Photo courtesy of Marbaloo

Hot on the heels of the music video for their harmonious heartbreaker, “What Could’ve Been,” country group Gone West have some fun with “what actually is” during a rapid-fire Q&A premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (September 12).

With the band’s Colbie Caillat, Justin Kawika Young, Nelly Joy and Jason Reeves relaxing like the friends (and romantic couples) they really are, the band get asked about everything from their favorite movies to what they’d be doing if it weren’t for music. We’re not offering up any spoilers, but let’s just say Coldplay and Chris Martin keep coming up, Young’s on-the-road sleeping style may come as a surprise and somebody’s nickname may or may not be “White Chocolate.”

The clip comes at an opportune time for Gone West — who are hoping to connect with country fans personally as their first batch of music rolls out. Comprised of engaged pair Caillat and Young and the married duo of Joy and Reeves, the group showed off striking vocals and a bit of their real-life romance in the Patrick Tracy-directed video for first official single “What Could’ve Been.” That clip served as a warning of how bad things could go if a relationship isn’t handled with care, but as we can see in the Q&A video, these happy couples are just good actors.

Gone West released their debut EP, Tides, in January, and are currently on tour with nationwide dates scheduled through early 2020.