Jon Pardi Will Host Family Christmas At His Home

Jon Pardi Will Host Family Christmas At His Home
Jon Pardi; Photo Courtesy of Red Light Management

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, people with big families must sort through the options of where they will celebrate, and Jon Pardi and his wife Summer have decided to stay in Nashville for the holiday this year. Although the singer and his wife both have out-of-state family, Pardi says they have made the decision to stay home due to his busy touring schedule. 

“We already called all the family and said, ‘We’re staying in Nashville. We’re not coming out to California or to Texas. We’re staying in good ole Goodlettsville and we’re gonna relax at our house and enjoy our decorations,’” Pardi shared. “ That’s kind of our new thing — having Christmas at the house because we’re gone so much.”

“It does get tough because my mom wants to have Christmas at her house,” he added. “She’s in Northern California and Summer’s parents are out there, so we just kind of juggle, but because this was such a crazy year of touring, we kinda just said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna stay home.’ I think Summer’s parents are coming out. I think my sister is gonna come out, and that’s just our new thing is having people out at the house because it’s fun.” 

Although Pardi is looking forward to Christmas this year, he’s also looking back at past Christmases and remembering special holiday memories that are important to him. One of his favorite gifts he got as a child was a guitar, and he also has a special memory associated with his grandmother’s Christmas tree. 

“She had an ornament and it was Elvis, and it was always on her tree,” said Pardi. “You’d go and you’d hit a button, and it’d sing ‘Blue Christmas.’ It just went, ‘I’ll have a Blue Christmas without you,’ and I’d just always hit it, and he’d be doing his pose with a microphone. ‘Blue Christmas’ and that ornament, I think that’s probably why I like Elvis so much.” 

Pardi also has his New Year’s Eve planned. He will be joining Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and many other country artists at the CBS special, New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash, taking place in downtown Nashville.