Jordan Davis’ Nashville Favorites

From Greek street food to the first bar he ever played in when he moved to town, Jordan Davis knows Nashville like the back of his hand.

Jordan Davis’ Nashville Favorites
Jordan Davis; Photo courtesy MCA Nashville

Jordan Davis doesn’t get many free days off from playing shows out on the road and promoting his songs on country radio, but calling Nashville his home showed him where he like to spend time in the city when he has no plans whatsoever.

From the time when he left everything he knew in Louisiana to chase his dreams in the music industry, Davis has lived on both the west and east sides of town and has grown accustomed to their individual and unique styles. While the west feels more cozy and comfortable like that of a suburb, the east captures the artistic qualities that young wanderers find inspiring about Nashville.

Back in the Home State…

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Even though he calls the entire city his sanctuary, Davis sticks to his habitual nature and always returns to the places that fill his heart (and his stomach). From a casual Greek street food café to the first bar he ever performed in when he got to the city, the rising country star never loses his ties with his favorite hangouts.

Check out five of Jordan Davis’ Nashville Favorites:

Neighbors of Sylvan Park: “I love Neighbors Bar and Grill over in Sylvan Park. I used to live on the west side of town so that was like the watering hole. That’s where we’d go for beer and wings. So Neighbors is a fun spot.”

4425 Murphy Rd /

Local Taco: “We’re on the east side now so we have a Local Taco over on the east side.”

1100 Fatherland St #104 /

Lockeland Table: “For date night, I love Lockeland Table. That’s probably my favorite restaurant in Nashville. And their pizza’s incredible.”

1520 Woodland St /

Greko: “I know we’re not here a ton. Man, I don’t know. I’m like a bad creature of habit. I don’t venture out a ton. Like we do like Greco, like the Greek spot over on the east side”

704 Main St /

Belcourt Taps: “Taps over in Belcourt. That was the first place I ever played. The first time I ever played live. So that will always have a special spot.”

2117 Belcourt Ave /

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