KB in the City: 506 Lofts

506 Lofts combines history with hipster for a quirky yet rustic urban oasis worthy of a stay from any and all visitors.

Written by Kelly Brickey
KB in the City: 506 Lofts
Photo Courtesy of 506 Lofts

Nashville. Music City. The Athens of the South. This Tennessee town may have built its reputation based on the simple stereotypes that tourists seek out on TV, but in our Nashville, we follow the trends while honoring the traditions that built this spot into the legacy it’s created. Each week, we focus on the latest gallivant around the streets we’ve come to call home for a new adventure and give readers an inside look on what makes this city special. Join us as we chronicle the hilarious and wild experiences with KB in the City.

The history of Nashville always sparks up in small ways throughout the city, establishing its quaint Southern charm and modern urbanized status. 506 Lofts, believe it or not, holds its own story in the background of Music City from its humble beginnings to its new take on hospitality.

More than 130 years ago, 506 Church Street (the exact address of the property) landed its popularity in what was once called “the heart of retail activity” by holding its own as a dry goods store. Changing its status throughout the decade, the Di family sold the building to the owners who renovated the space into a vacation rental spot.

Embracing the innovations of the tourism industry, 506 Lofts boasts itself upon its electronic check-in with digital communication to employees of the property to fully accommodate all guests who arrive to explore the city. Tucked away just a couple blocks from the madness of Broadway, the lofts remain a hidden gem with merely the word ‘lofts’ above the address as a welcoming indicator that visitors are in the right place.

Photo Courtesy of 506 Lofts

While 506 Lofts may be a part of the Nashville community, I instantly felt Brooklyn vibes upon first look into the Petway Loft I stayed in for the night. The exposed and unfinished brick walls complemented the dark wooden exposed beams running across the extremely high and airy ceilings. Stainless silver fixtures and a minimalistic tiled backsplash brought the spacious kitchen to life while the quirky royal blue pull-out couch created that vintage flair worthy of a hipster’s approval.

The simplistic wooden staircase led to heaven, or more commonly accepted as the bedroom, to a huge oasis of a bed with plush white sheets and every woman’s dream closet. Even the en-suite bath gave that authentic city feel with bright white subway tiles surrounding the walls and a walk-in shower big enough to indulge in an hour-long relaxing soak.

Taking advantage of the apartment-style layout, I used the high-end kitchen tools to whip up a savory dinner for a night in relaxing with a friend. 506 Lofts makes sure to equip every home chef with the best appliances and dishes one would ask for, with clean and clear counterspace giving enough room for experimentation in the food department. Another perk in the dining area? Local treats made right in Nashville ready to cater to every guest’s taste from Frothy Monkey coffee beans to brew a hot cup of joe or a Grab the Gold protein bar to snack on as a guiltless dessert option.

Photo Courtesy of 506 Lofts

After a long night of milking all of the indulgences that make up the Petway loft space, crawling into the plush bed and falling asleep on a cloud felt like icing on the cake to an already perfect home away from home.

Upon waking as well, the apartment opened up like a hip urban paradise ready for an early morning routine of getting ready by any professional. While still maintaining its off-the-beaten-path charm, it catered to every need for those who travel from thousands of miles away to experience the rapid growth of Nashville or a business visitor looking for a spot to call home for a night.

In the midst of saying a bittersweet goodbye to the metropolitan haven, I noticed a gorgeous guestbook filled with stories and advice from past wanderers drifting through the 506 Lofts property. Kind words flooded the pages of the book from tourists discovering their love of Music City after flying down South from Pennsylvania to nearby folks catching some shut-eye in the city retreat. Just as if the walls of the historic property could talk, the guestbook definitely spoke volumes of the hospitality that the Lofts radiate.

506 Lofts didn’t just take the place of any hotel someone could easily check into, but rather became that cool spot that a guest could feel at home while still escaping into a downtown hideaway like someone one may see in a movie.

Visitors who want the urban experience of a city apartment in the heart of Nashville can book a room with 506 Lofts through their website. Rates for the lofts start around $280 and range in price depending on the room and date. More information about reservations and the lofts themselves can be found on the 506 Lofts official site.