KB in the City: Urban Cowboy B&B

Urban Cowboy B&B in East Nashville was this week's city adventure, complete with vintage decor and plush accommodations.

Written by Kelly Brickey
KB in the City: Urban Cowboy B&B
Photo by Ben Fitchett

Nashville. Music City. The Athens of the South. This Tennessee town may have built its reputation based on the simple stereotypes that tourists seek out on TV, but in our Nashville, we follow the trends while honoring the traditions that built this spot into the legacy it’s created. Each week, we focus on the latest gallivant around the streets we’ve come to call home for a new adventure and give readers an inside look on what makes this city special. Join us as we chronicle the hilarious and wild experiences with KB in the City.

Close your eyes. Fall back in time to the 70s, when earth tones reigned supreme and campy-colored wallpaper painted the walls of every homemaker’s sanctuary. Add a touch of rock and roll influence and a dash of modern cabin fever, and begin to imagine a getaway such as that tucked inside a late 1800s Victorian-style manor.

Voila! Welcome to the vibes of Urban Cowboy B&B located in the coziest East Nashville hideaway neighborhood. Its charming tree-lined location and historic architecture boasts the Instagram-worthy scenery that just so happens to house the eight uniquely-decorated rooms acquired to each guest’s quirky taste. In fact, many passersby book reservations via discovering the vacation spot through the photo-based social media haven.

Photo by Ben Fitchett

Photo by Ben Fitchett

The not-so-secret bed & breakfast establishment earned many accolades for its unique vintage twist on the typical inn motif. Encouraging visitors to gather for music sessions in the fully-equipped parlor and inviting conversation to flow throughout each of the antique-rugged rooms, “The Cowboy” caught on as one of the best hotels in the world according to Travel + Leisure and definitely became a favorite in the hearts of many drifters floating through Music City.

It piqued my eye enough to give them a ring for a night’s stay in the Midnight Rider room, which became love at first sight for me when I glanced over a couple snapshots of the interior. The minute I walked through the door of “The Cowboy” on that Tuesday afternoon, my passion was justified from every exceptional angle of the home away from home radiating a warmth into the entryway.

What once used to be a doctor’s office transformed into your typical B&B upkeep with Grandma’s lace doilies and iridescent curtains shading away the light. Urban Cowboy owner Lyon Porter decided to let go of that past and bring forth a revival of another former glory by accentuating the refurbished yet original American chestnut structure and infusing that hipster 70s vibe as the East Nashville tradition goes.

Greeted with a welcoming whiskey drink poured by my host at the rustic-looking bar area, she gave me a house tour to get acquainted with the joint before resting into my final landing spot called, The Rider. I opened the door to my historic harbor for the night, dripping in understated glamour that just about left my mouth gaped with wonder.

The Rider itself hosted high ceilings made fashionable in the olden days, with natural light peeking through the authentic dark wood blinds and bouncing off the antler-accentuated chandelier. A dreamy king-sized bed allowed me to swim through its smooth white cotton sea atop with a gray faux fur throw plush enough to soak in its soft waves.

But the ultimate indulgence included in the experience? A massive clawfoot bathtub underneath the windowsill fitting for a queen (or king) to soak the stresses right out of one’s body. Nothing holds the heavenly hand quite like a bath of that size.

Although I gallivanted from corridor to corridor and fell back into the cozy yet groovy vibes of Urban Cowboy, I also got my girl gang together to explore the surrounding boroughs that circle the B&B. Its pinpoint of East Nashville reverberates as the hub of all things trendy and cool with a new bar or eatery popping up on almost every block. Just a hop, skip and a jump away holds drinking holes like Attaboy, The Crying Wolf and Vinyl Tap.

Photo by Dave Krugman

Photo by Dave Krugman

For those who want to keep close quarters just have to venture around the corner to Urban Cowboy’s very own Public House, which offers up libations and fresh eats from a new menu created daily based on the chef’s preferences. The indoor-outdoor space maintains that sleek restored look from the open tables to the unfinished patio out back. While the handcrafted cocktails boast their own unique names and flavors, any wanderer would appreciate the zesty zing of a Rosé Paloma or classy Old Fashioned.

The next morning, I awoke to a quaint continental brunch styled on antique china plates and shining silverware. Granola and yogurt and homemade coffee—oh my! The feast filled my tummy up as the conversation with other guests spending the night filled my heart with contentment over warm exchanges.

One couple even admitted they landed upon Urban Cowboy’s hospitality via Instagram, as many savvy social media users follow the artistic aesthetic of the inn’s profile for its extraordinary exterior and eccentric interior.

Saying goodbye to “The Cowboy” after a glorious 24-hour staycation left me nostalgic for the memories made wandering its passageways and for the decade that it recreates on a daily basis for its embraced roamers who pay the past a visit.

Urban Cowboy B&B holds eight suites for guests to stay in throughout the year. Reservations for the stay can be made through the Urban Cowboy website underneath ‘Book a Suite.’ Room rates start at $195 a night and range in price. More information can be found at