Lindsay Ell’s Nashville Favorites

Although she doesn't make it to Nashville much these days, Lindsay Ell sat down with us to dish on some of her favorite spots in Music City. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Lindsay Ell’s Nashville Favorites
Photo via Instagram

Lindsay Ell is making her way up the charts with her catchy new single, “By The Way.” In support of the release, the talented newcomer is spending much of this winter on the road with Jennifer Nettles, Brandy Clark, and Tara Thompson on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour.

Although she doesn’t make it home to Nashville much these days, Ell sat down with us to dish on some of her favorite spots in Music City. Here are Lindsay Ell’s Nashville Favorites…

The Ryman: “There is like an aura and standing on that stage is such a powerful feeling and you can barely describe it in words until you walk out on that stage and you can stand in that 2 square foot of space that so many legends have stood on. It’s such an incredible building and obviously one of my favorite venues to play.”
116 5th Ave N /

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge: “It’s one of my favorite spots to go running, to take people downtown. I don’t know, it’s such a beautiful view of the city and just I love it. Some days I just want to go and think about things.”

Fido: “It’s right on West End and I love it. I have a few friends that work there and I love it. They always have great food, like really good lattes and chai teas and it’s a really good spot.”
1812 21st Ave S /

Merchant: “My favorite restaurant in town is probably Merchant. It’s right on Broadway but they have just a really good mix of everything. It’s low-key. It’s like in the thick of Nashville. It’s just really good.”
401 Broadway /

Sound Stage Studios: “I know that’s not like a common really place but I have spent a lot of time in that studio writing and recording and you know, work on projects and we’ve actually been recording, you know, this new record at sound stage and it’s one of my favorite studios in town. You know, there’s just great people who run it and work there and gosh the studio is just one of my favorite places because it lets you sort of go into uncharted waters and to places that you don’t always go in a live show. So yeah, I’ll definitely say Sound Stage.”
10 Music Cir S # 1 /

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