Maren Morris’ Son Has Credits on Her ‘Humble Quest’ Album 

Maren chatted about her song 'Hummingbird' and more on Country Heat Weekly.

Maren Morris’ Son Has Credits on Her ‘Humble Quest’ Album 
FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 25: Maren Morris performs onstage during day one of the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival on September 25, 2021 in Franklin, Tennessee. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival)

Maren Morris’ son Hayes may only be 2 years old, but he already has vocal credits on an album. On the singer’s new album Humble Quest, fans will hear Hayes sweetly saying “Mama” at the beginning of her song, “Hummingbird.” Morris revealed to Country Heat Weekly hosts Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson that she recorded the clip of her son when was around a year old.

“By the time I was recording this record, it was like late 2020, and so my son was almost a year old,” she says. “He was starting to talk, so I recorded on my phone Hayes saying ‘Mama.’ So who you hear at the top of ‘Hummingbird’ is actually my son. It was just crazy because I wrote it the day I found out I was having him and then by the time I got to record it, he was able to contribute to it. He is technically credited on the record.” 

Morris decided to include the clip of Hayes talking in the song because “Hummingbird” is about him. The singer wrote the tune with Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsay the day she found out she was pregnant. Morris went to the songwriting session immediately after sharing the good news with her husband Ryan Hurd, and the “Love Junkies,” as that group of songwriters is called, were the second people to find out Morris was pregnant. 

“[Ryan] wasn’t with me, so I was calling him, he was somewhere else, but I was like, ‘I’ll see you later tonight, but the test is positive and we’re having a baby,’” Morris says. “I was so excited to tell the ladies, ‘cause I was like, they’re all mothers and they never had to pick between work and being a mom. They all are just killing it.”

During the interview, Morris also dove into details about the first time she met Hurd. She reveals they met at a writer’s round at Nashville’s Belcourt Taps, and it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. 

“He was wearing a shirt with tacos all over it and he looked like Jesus because he had long hair and a beard,” Morris remembers. “I was like, ‘That guy looks like a tall Jesus and he’s wearing a taco shirt,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay.’ Didn’t really think anything of it. He was very nice, but he was also giving off that ‘I’m the guy’ air to him. So, I instantly was like ‘Nope,’ but he tells the story differently.”

To hear more from Morris, including the story of her moving to Nashville at age 23 and how she earned a publishing deal eight months after moving to Music City, listen to her episode on Country Heat Weekly.