The Cast of Music City: 2019 Resolutions and Reality

Before season two of CMT's Music City premieres on Jan. 3 we asked the cast to share their New Year's resolutions for 2019 and for the new season.

Written by Alison Abbey
The Cast of Music City: 2019 Resolutions and Reality
The cast of Music City, courtesy of CMT

Season two of CMT’s Music City premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 3 with new music, new scandals and new drama. But before we get a glimpse at the lives and loves of this Nashville crew, we asked each to share their New Year’s resolutions–for 2019 and for the new season. Will Jackson continue his love ‘em and leave ‘em streak? Will Jessica keep things fresh with new love Dre? And will Kerry and Rachyl get it together and figure out this whole family matter? Only time will tell. But here’s what we do know: This group has high hopes for the year–and the season–ahead. Take a look at their resolutions and their season two realities below.

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Alisa Fuller, photo courtesy of CMT


Resolution: My resolution is to stop dating musicians, decide exactly what direction I want to go with my music and let love come to me instead of going after it.

Reality: This season she and Bryant split!


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Rachyl Degman, photo courtesy of CMT


Resolution: This year I’d like to focus on my family and invest my time in Kerry’s music career and in my art career.

Reality: This season she gets a little side-tracked with an old friend, Jeremiah.


Alexandra Harper, Courtesy of CMT


Resolution: My New Year’s resolutions are to be more thankful and less worrisome about what the future holds, and to stop having opinions about other people’s relationships. Well, maybe just holding back the urge to vocalize them!

Reality: This season she is very vocal with Jackson about him moving too quickly in his new relationship with Baylee.


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Jackson Boyd, courtesy of CMT


Resolution: My New Year’s resolutions are: Stop trying to control what is outside of my control and live more in the moment; Don’t let people’s view of me as a person affect how I live my life, day-to-day; Have tunnel vision when it comes to advancing myself in life but don’t rush into important situations without thinking of what all possible outcomes; Be slow to anger, easier to love, more willing to compromise, and more eager to learn.

Reality: This season he and Alexandra butt heads on his relationship with Baylee; he’s also told that he’s working too much and needs to slow down.


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Jessica Mack, courtesy of CMT


Resolution: My New Year’s resolutions are to go on tour (I’d love to open for some bigger artists) and to learn how to cook better. Being a wife has really challenged me to up my game in the kitchen!

Reality: Viewers will see her wedding this season and meet her husband, Dre.


Kerry Degman, courtesy of CMT


Resolution: My resolutions are to be more intentional with family time while I’m not on tour and start teaching Wolfgang to play bass guitar so he can come with me.

Reality: He is always being told he needs to think of his family more

Check out the dramatic preview of season two below. And tune in to the premiere Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 10 p.m. EST on CMT.