Runaway June Takes the Edge Off with Netflix Binging

They may have differring tastes, but the ladies of Runaway June can't resist a good Netflix binge. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Runaway June Takes the Edge Off with Netflix Binging
Runaway June; Publicity Photo

One of the best ways to pass time while traveling all across the country is breaking out that must-see Netflix playlist and not getting up for hours on end. When Runaway June finds the time to relax, they rev up their queue and get watching.

Differing in their show tastes, the ladies all pick and choose what they like most in a television show or a movie for their days off. For Naomi Cooke, she enjoys throwing it back to the aliens and agents that ruled the 90s in style.

“I’m binging right now on X-Files. Like super, super old X-Files. I’m so frustrated because Scully, Agent Scully, she never believes anything. She’ll see a vampire with her own eyes and she’ll be like, ‘Molder, that’s a myth!’ My God! Scully, he came alive while you were doing an autopsy. Geez. But I love documentaries and X-Files,” Cooke told Sounds Like Nashville. 

Taking a whole different spin on the suspenseful vibes going on in Cooke’s selection, Hannah Mulholland faces her fears in another movie series classic involving people that need a bigger boat.

“I’m a big documentary watcher,” admitted Mulholland. “That’s normally what I’m watching on Netflix. So I think my boyfriend and I probably just watch every outdoors or nature documentary on all of Netflix, even the bad ones. So we watch those and I just randomly watched all the Jaws movies like back to back. Like everyone’s seen Jaws, but did you know that Jaws 3 has Dennis Quaid in it? I didn’t know that and it was in 3-D, so when it translates when it’s on a non-3-D TV, it’s just a blast.”

Jennifer Wayne, on the other hand, likes to marathon alongside her husband-to-be, William Michael Morgan, when they both spare a free moment together. But sometimes sticking together on shows is harder for them than one may think.

“I’m binge-watching Prison Break right now,” Wayne revealed to SLN. “And don’t tell my fiancé, but we’re trying to stay together watching them. But he left town yesterday and I watched like eight episodes without him. I was just gonna rewind and pretend like I didn’t watch them, but it has the check! It shows a check when you watch them!”

While Wayne tries to figure out how she is going to explain herself to Morgan, we’ll be cranking up the trio’s debut single, “Lipstick.”