Six Times We Wanted a Bite of Kimberly Schlapman’s Desserts

Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman has a huge talent outside of singing. She's pretty much a professional chef.

Written by Sydney Smith
Six Times We Wanted a Bite of Kimberly Schlapman’s Desserts
Kimberly Schlapman; Publicity Photo

Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman has a huge talent outside of singing. She’s pretty much a professional chef.

Schlapman has been serving up meals for her family and band mates for years, but she decided to take her love for creating fine cuisine to a whole new level. Instead of keeping her recipes locked away in her kitchen, she premiered her very own cooking show, Kimberly’s Simply Southern, in 2012. Then, Schlapman published her cookbook, Oh Gussie!, complete with some of the most mouth-watering southern fare to reflect her Georgia roots. She even has a kitchen line at HSN so fans can snag some of the items that help her out in the kitchen.

While Instagram might be the place to go to post pretty pictures of even not-so-pretty things, we know that looks are not deceiving in Schlapman’s case, which is why these six Schlapman-prepared desserts are leaving us wishing we could hop through the screen to take just one little bite:

1. When these cinnamon rolls looked way more delicious than the canned ones in our refrigerator

Cinnamon rolls are the universal dessert. Not only can you finish off your meal with their buttery, cinnamon-y goodness, you can have them for breakfast. Would there be any better way to start off the day than with a bite of spiral sweetness? We never want to buy canned cinnamon rolls again.

2. When she made the perfect summer peach pie

A Georgia girl cannot leave out a peach dessert! Pies are sometimes quite the task to take on, but this one made in the pink cast iron skillet from Schlapman’s Oh Gussie! line for Cracker Barrel looks like something we might be able to handle. We are imagining relaxing by the pool with our sunglasses on, ice-cold drink in hand, and only coming inside for a bite of this perfect summer treat.

3. Who needs turkey for Thanksgiving? We want her banana pudding.

Just look at those meringue waves. Not too dry, not too gooey. Just right! Everyone else can take care of the turkey and dressing. We will just leave more of that for them while we sit by the dessert table shoveling in mouthfuls of banana pudding. If anyone asks where it went once it is dessert time, we will just say we forgot to bring it.

4. Lazy woman’s strawberry pie? That sounds like exactly the recipe we need

For those of us who are not particularly talented in the cooking department, for those of us who are pressed for time, or for those of us who just have a few too many lazy bones in our body, this looks like the ideal dessert recipe. If you fall into the category of not being that great of a cook, you could even make it with freshly picked strawberries. This pie is so perfect for the “lazy woman” that Schlapman even has it right there pre-cut on a plate with a fork, ready for us to dig in.

5. This simple pound cake that can be eaten with anything

Schlapman says that this is a staple at her house, and we can see why. This pound cake can be paired with anything. Peaches, apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries— the list goes on forever. While you’re at it, top it with a scoop of ice cream, too. We would be gaining more than a pound with this pound cake, because there is no way we could stop at just one bite.

6. This fresh glazed apple cake is the apple of our eye

This fresh glazed apple cake looks like the perfect fall treat. Plus, it is made with apples. That’s healthy… right?  We’ll take one whole cake, plus all of the glazed that dripped onto the plate. We can get that with our fingers if we need to. Unfortunately, the recipe does not include any directions as to how to make a beautiful cake platter like the one Schlapman has. It looks like the only recipe for that is a great friend like Karen Fairchild!