Stephanie Quayle’s Nashville Favorites

While catching up with Quayle about her new music and her whirlwind lifestyle, Sounds Like Nashville also got to talking to her about some of her Nashville Favorites from food to activities and more.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Stephanie Quayle’s Nashville Favorites
Stephanie Quayle; Photo Credit: Amaryllis Lockhart

Although Stephanie Quayle grew up on the farm in Montana and traveled her way throughout Switzerland as a teenager, she ultimately found her way to Music City and has called it home ever since. While she spends a lot of her time on writing and recording, she still keeps her schedule open for visits to her favorite hangouts around town.

While catching up with her about her new music and her whirlwind lifestyle, Sounds Like Nashville also got to talking to her about some of her Nashville Favorites from food to activities and more.

Here are Stephanie Quayle’s Nashville Favorites:

12th Avenue South: “We’re gonna start on 12th Avenue South. I have a hankering for tacos and there’s $2 tacos at Taqueria Del Sol. So anytime anyone’s coming into town and they just need a little affordable nibble, I always say gotta hit up 12th South. I love that street—I love any street that’s walkable and where you can see a little vibe. See the whole thing.”

Bluebird Café: “It’s a little cliché, but I don’t know how you could come to Nashville and not experience the Bluebird because there’s nothing like it. For me, the first time I got to perform there as a writer and as an artist, it was one of the most extraordinary days of my life. To know that there’s so much opportunity in Nashville to hear great music, but I think to get the songwriter perspective is just really cool. Everyone already comes to the Bluebird, so that would be one. But everyone says that now because of the show!”

4104 Hillsboro Pike /

Holiday Inn Nashville Vanderbilt: “I would say there’s this little Holiday Inn on West End and this is the very first place I ever did a songwriter round. It’s across from Centennial Park and I think that’s one of the first stops for a lot of artists. I think it’s really cool to remember that all artists start in the same spot. You know we all start with the same dream. We all start with the same desire: to make great music and to have the world hear it. So it’s fun when you think back to where everyone began. So for me, I think it would be fun to go someplace where you least expect to see incredible songwriters play that have yet to be heard or have been heard. But it’s just kinda a wild little spot on West End across from Centennial Park.”

2613 West End Ave /

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art: “I love, love, love going to Cheekwood. It’s like walking in a dream. It’s really something. Sometimes they do these little dinners, but if you like the outdoors and appreciate anyone who can garden…I mean, I can barely keep a succulent alive…so the fact that this place is just endless is just beautiful. A lot of times, there are a lot of really cool art installations. But it’s a really special place. I don’t think a lot of people think of it when they think of Nashville. It’s cool.”

1200 Forrest Park Dr /

McGavock Street: “So let’s just say you had all day to eat every kind of delicious food you could and you only had to go to one street. There’s this line of restaurants on McGavock. Essentially, this street has sushi, Italian, I guess you would call it Spanish-infused tequila bar and then you’ve got a steak house. Like you could literally spend the entire day just eating. I’m a bit of an eater. I like me some food. That street could be very dangerous and wonderful. I always like to suggest places where someone could go solo. For me, that’s Moto. It’s the Italian restaurant. I go sit at the bar; all the bartenders are awesome. I’m like an old man—I just sit at the bar by myself, I get my beverage and some kind of delectable something. I love places where you can just go in by yourself and it feels like home. I mean like Kayne Prime is this extraordinary steakhouse like it’s out of this world. Then, Virago is this whole theme of sushi and they’ve got Pop Rocks on their spiced tuna-crispy rice situation, which if you put anything with Pop Rocks, I’m gonna eat it. But those are usually the places I go with friends. Like Moto, I would totally go there and hang at the bar. I tend to order champagne because I think every day you should celebrate.”

Fans can keep up with Quayle on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Quayle’s latest album, Love the Way You See Me, is available for purchase now.