The 10 Best Country Music-Inspired Baby Names

In need of some inspiration for what to call your new baby? Look no further than country music for that perfect name!

Written by Kelly Brickey
The 10 Best Country Music-Inspired Baby Names
Photo: FamVeld

Just as fashion trends come and go, the popularity of baby names change in the wind of pop culture. Examples of this drastic name change could be the extreme increase of girls named Laura during the whole General Hospital relationship and seemingly naming their daughters Rachel in the height of Friends. While many try to deny it, it’s true that entertainment sometimes influences what goes on in a child’s life.

While the baby trend of the past few years seems to be reliant on making names as unique as possible, parents have started reaching out to some of the obscure resources for the perfect first name. For country fans, that means finding inspiration within the names of your favorite country stars. Here are just a few names to kick those creative gears in for naming your newborns:

Bentley—girl or boy

If it’s not obvious enough where this name came from, think again. Most would associate Bentley with Dierks, of course, but the idea could actually be inspired by the car brand, the university or from the old English tradition it originated from.

Blake—girl or boy

Blake has become a common name throughout the last couple decades for boys, but more recently, the name swiftly transitioned into a very gender neutral occurrence. While it’s been around for some time, Blake could be inspired by The Voice coach himself. Well, unless the mom’s got a way with words or something like that.


The king of this former family name used to hold a common name himself. (Johnny, anyone?) But rather than stick to the classics, many parents nowadays like the unique flavor that a good last name as a first name will give to their child. Thankfully, Cash has a sweet little ring to it that could be adorable for a newborn.


This one is a toast to the trio of ladies who kept the girl power alive in country music. The Dixie Chicks blew up in their time and are still rockin’ it today on their reunion tour. What better time to name a daughter Dixie than right in the midst of their huge return? Besides, it’s got that Southern charm sound down anyways.


As a queen in her own rights, who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after Dolly Parton? She’s got herself together just fine and she’s been killin’ it alongside the boys for quite some time now, showing that girls with this name are independent and strong. Just be sure to not make the middle name “Jolene.” Things may get a little tricky there.


Names like Faith just radiate grace and hope. Just as we all know Faith Hill is, the name shines through as being a simple and kind person. Guess you gotta just have a little Faith sometimes.


Similar to the Cash situation, this family was legendary in country music, so it makes sense that everyone would get inspired by their names to make their own loving family. There’s also the pretty summer month that could have also got this name in the running, but we’ll stick to the country plan on this one.


Nashville: the heart of country music. It’s where so many artists have come and made their own names out of nothing and has inspired generation after generation to come and do the same. Based on that fact alone, Nash is the perfect name to give a baby boy in hopes that maybe he’ll find his craft and pursue it happily.


Not only does this name have to do with a well-known country star, but don’t forget about the Western pattern that’s remained a classic throughout time. With that being said, naming your kid Paisley will make them cool every year.

Rhett—girl or boy

Fans will recognize this is as the second name to Thomas Rhett, but what they may not realize is it’s also his father’s first name originally. And for those of you who are big readers out there, you’ll recognize it from the classic novel, Gone with the Wind. For a girl or a boy though, Rhett seems like a future staple name among many.