The Best Cheap Eats in Nashville

A few tips and spots to check out to eat cheap on a beer budget right in the heart of Nashville!

The Best Cheap Eats in Nashville
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We’ve all heard it before…live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. While we all want to live the glamorous life, our wallets are always screaming at us to not spend money, like, ever. Thankfully enough, Nashville has loads of secret spots that won’t put a dent in your bank account for the next month.

The best cheap eats in Music City are local favorites, but we don’t mind sharing a few of the yummy delicacies that won’t make you bankrupt, but are rather rich nonetheless. Here are some of the top places to grab a high-end bite for a low cost:

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Las Paletas (2911 12 Ave S /

Cost: Around $3 per popsicle

Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a cool, refreshing popsicle on a sunny summer day. Las Paletas offers a multitude of flavors, some of which sound like a crazy combination of flavors but wow the tastebuds like no other. Locals love a good avocado paleta for that creamy, sweet goodness. 

Arnold’s Country Kitchen (605 8th Ave S /

Cost: About $8.50 for a meat & two plate

The way to any true Southerner’s heart is a meat & three shop. Arnold’ Country Kitchen makes food like Mama did with their finger-lickin’ friend chicken, savory mac & cheese and creamed corn that will rock your world. Trust us: you get your money’s worth with the amount of their helpings. 

Five Points Pizza (1012 Woodland Street /

Cost: $8 for two slices and a drink on the lunch special

It may be no New York, but Five Points Pizza knows their way around a pie. With slices as big as your face, customers never leave hungry from this East Nashville spot. They even have a takeout window where visitors can grab a slice or two and hit the road. Plus, how could you beat a deal like two slices and a Coke for that cheap?

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Bobby’s Dairy Dip (5301 Charlotte Ave /

Cost: $3 for a large dipped soft-serve cone

Remember the good old days when you could pop over to the local soda shop for a little bit of soft-serve after a long day of doing the twist? Well, us neither. But hey, Bobby’s Dairy Dip recreates the 50s vibe with their creamy cones, hand-dipped in chocolate and topped off with jimmies. (That’s sprinkles in vintage talk.) Mmm, take us back!

Mas Tacos Por Favor (732 Mcferrin Ave /

Cost: $3 per taco, tax included

Nosotros queremos mas tacos por favor! We always believe in the more tacos, the better. Mas Tacos is known around the Nashville area for having the best of the classic Mexican dish. Add a side of elote and life will be muy bueno as you know it.

Fenwick’s 300 (2600 Franklin Pike /

Cost: $6 for 3 beignets

No need to head down to The Big Easy for a taste of French donuts. Fenwick’s 300 is a urban-style diner that offers their own take on the sweet delicacy with flavors like dulce de leche, chai and citrus glaze on the menu. These puppies fill anyone up before a big meal, so you will definitely want to split these bad boys up among friends!

Frothy Monkey (235 5th Ave N /

Cost: $5 for a seasonal latte

Unknown to many tourists as they arrive in Music City, Nashville is quite the coffee town. Anyone from musicians to writers to students tucks away in corner booths sipping on their cup o’ joe, waiting for inspiration to take them away. While a coconut crème latte can be on the steeper end of the drink price range, it’s just like happiness in a mug.

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