10 Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

We've compiled a list of 10 timeless country love songs just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Written by Chuck Dauphin
10 Country Love Songs for Valentine’s Day
George Strait, Dolly Parton, Randy Travis; Artist Publicity Photos

This Tuesday marks Valentine’s Day, the annual day of celebration for lovers across the world. Needless to say, the annals of Country Music history include many tributes to that emotion. To single out ten love songs from a genre that has been glowing with that sentiment for years is a very tough task, but here are ten love songs that are sure to impress that special woman – or man – on your list!

“Die A Happy Man,” Thomas Rhett
Inspired by his wife, Lauren, this 2015 ballad has become the favorite of many since. With Rhett’s heartfelt delivery and the plain-spoken lyrics, this song is sure to be a wedding favorite for years to come!

“Forever and Ever, Amen,” Randy Travis
Since its’ release in 1987, this might be the most played Country wedding song of all time. The Don Schlitz / Paul Overstreet composition ensured that the career of Randy Travis would stay in the fast lane. The timeless video – detailing his performing at a wedding – was also instrumental in the song becoming a classic!

“I Swear,” John Michael Montgomery
If you believe the legend, this song had been around the block a few times. Kenny Rogers was pitched the song, but for whatever reason, turned it down. As it turned out, the song became the calling card for a Kentucky newcomer named John Michael Montgomery, who delivered the ballad of the year – one that has appeared on many wedding mixtapes ever since!

“I Will Always Love You,” Dolly Parton
One of the most enduring love songs in the format’s history, this Parton composition has been a hit three different times – originally in 1974, once again in 1982 – from The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, and a third time in 1995 with Vince Gill as a duet. Parton took the emotion she was feeling upon leaving Porter Wagoner’s show, and wrote a classic that has touched couples throughout the decades!

“The Man In Love With You,” George Strait
While his Pure Country smash “I Cross My Heart” may be better known, I don’t know whether George Strait ever cut a more simple and direct love ballad than this one, a hit from 1994. The video was as stark and as plainly emotional as the song. He might have had bigger hits, but this one still rings true.

“The Woman In Me,” Shania Twain
Many of Shania Twain’s songs pushed the envelope from a sensual level, and this hit was no different. When she came on the scene with The Woman In Me, the genre had never seen anything quite like her. Her records oozed a natural sexiness that made an impact. This one was about as subtle as a Mack truck, and has remained in the memories of Country fans ever since.

“This Kiss,” Faith Hill
While most of the records on this list are ballads – and Hill and husband Tim McGraw have had a few – one of the cool things about love is the natural high that it puts you on. And, this single summed up those feelings brilliantly. Besides, what song has ever had the words “centrifugal” and “perpetual” included in the lyrics? This song deserves a spot on the list just for that fact alone!

“When We Make Love,” Alabama
With possibly the exception of the late Conway Twitty, no male vocalist caused more of a stir with a love ballad among female Country fans in the 1980’s than Randy Owen. This one caused hearts to flutter wildly upon its’ release in 1984 – and somehow, I bet when Alabama performs in concert today, it still does the trick.

“Whenever You Come Around,” Vince Gill
There’s a legend about this song – that Gill actually penned the romantic song of yearning for Amy Grant, before they became an item. I have never had that fact verified or denied, but Amy’s performance of this Gill hit during his 25th anniversary as an Opry member last summer does cause the imagination to run wild. Even if that’s not true, the song stands as one of Gill’s top moments as a balladeer.

“You Decorated My Life,” Kenny Rogers
From a purely lyrical standpoint, Debbie Hupp and Bob Morrison penned what might very well be the ultimate Country love song. The words of this one, all about the special effect that a special someone can have on your life, touched fans of both Country and Pop alike, where it was one of the major hits of the fall months of 1979.

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