10 Country Women We Admire to Celebrate International Women’s Day

To commemorate the annual empowering occasion, Sounds Like Nashville is highlighting 10 up-and-coming females that continue to trailblaze the path in country music.

Written by Kelly Brickey
10 Country Women We Admire to Celebrate International Women’s Day
Lauren Alaina; Photo by Jake Matthews; Carly Pearce; Photo credit: Harper Smith; Lindsay Ell; Photo courtesy BBR Music Group

As former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

Every year since the early 1990s on March 8, women all across the globe celebrate the power and strength lying within them on International Women’s Day. Beyoncé sang it best when she laid down the law that girls ‘run this mother’ and she wasn’t wrong in the spirit of the honorary day.

To commemorate the annual empowering occasion, Sounds Like Nashville is highlighting 10 up-and-coming females that continue to trailblaze the path in country music. Find out which talented and courageous ladies inspire their fans and many more on the regular in a special International Women’s Day appreciation list below:

Lauren Alaina; Photo courtesy Mercury Nashville

Lauren Alaina, for her powerhouse vocals

When people compliment Lauren Alaina for her live performances and soulful voice, everything they say is an absolute understatement. Not only doesn’t Alaina reach new heights with her vulnerable lyrics on songs like “Three” and “Doin’ Fine,” she also lets her star shine by not holding back throughout her emotional moments on stage.

Kalie Shorr

Kalie Shorr; Photo courtesy 117 Entertainment Group

Kalie Shorr,  for her work with female empowerment

Although Kalie Shorr is making her own name as a solo artist in the country genre, she started out among a group of strong women dubbed as the Song Suffragettes. Shorr dedicates herself to the team as one of the lead songwriters and even led the movement for “Time’s Up” to stand up for those dealing with the reckoning in the world.

Runaway June; Photo Credit: Van Haze

Runaway June,  for showing teamwork makes the dream work

Some people say, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Runaway June knows that quote all too well as each of the three beautiful women in the trio bring their own personalities to the table while supporting each other along the way. They hold each other up, through “Lipstick” messes and “Wild West” prosperity.

Danielle Bradbery; Photo by Cameron Powell

Danielle Bradbery,  for her perseverance

Persistence can become exhausting, especially in the entertainment industry. It took a handful of years for Danielle Bradbery to finish the story that became her sophomore release, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. Reintroducing yourself to the world comes with great fear and subject to criticism, but Bradbery held her own and more as she earned the respect of her peers for sticking to her guns in every song.

Kassi Ashton; Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Kassi Ashton,  for her bad-ass personality

No one messes with Kassi Ashton. The California, Missouri native rolled into town with her head held high and hasn’t let anyone stop her in her path. Shoving off insecurities and letting her tough side breathe all over her lyrics, Ashton stops people in their tracks with brutal odes like “Taxidermy” or “The Straw.” Put her on your radar, now.

Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce; Photo credit: Harper Smith

Carly Pearce,  for making history

If you haven’t heard the painstaking words of “Every Little Thing” playing at some point over the past year, admit that you’ve been living under a rock. Carly Pearce is one of just three women to have their debut radio single go No. 1 on the charts in the past 12 years. That’s one for the history books, and another victory for country women everywhere!

Mickey Guyton; Photo credit: Peggy Sirota

Mickey Guyton, for her social media humor

We all know that Mickey Guyton can SANG, but your girl’s got just the same amount of talent in the comedy department as well when it comes to her social media comments. When something relevant hits the internet, Guyton scoops it right up and delivers her sass in a way that makes her followers ‘LOL’ whenever they read it. All the ‘likes’ for you, girl!

Stephanie Quayle; Photo Credit: Amaryllis Lockhart

Stephanie Quayle,  for the dedication to her craft

Determination runs deep within Stephanie Quayle’s blood, as she continually puts out song after song with a free-hearted spirit. She’s not one bit ‘Selfish’ despite it being the name of her latest single; in fact, she always makes the music about the fans and the drive to keep on moving in music.

Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell; Photo courtesy BBR Music Group

Lindsay Ell,  for slaying the guitar

Petition to add Lindsay Ell to one of the best guitar players of all time starts now. That woman knows just how to handle the strings on her electric ax and do it in an effortless fashion. She shreds, for lack of a better word, and knows just how to bring the rock to every performance. It’s almost ‘Criminal’ how well she hits all those notes, right?!

Jillian Jacqueline

Jillian Jacqueline; Photo Credit: Patrick Tracy

Jillian Jacqueline,  for adding a new layer to country

To be honest, Jillian Jacqueline takes country music to a different dimension with her tongue-in-cheek lyrics and honest revelation released in each of her songs. Defining the cold, hard truth in an upbeat tempo is a fine art that Jacqueline has nailed down to a science and that’s what confidence means.