10 ‘Nashville’ GIFs To Get You Through Grieving Over the Cancellation of the Show

Sounds Like Nashville compiled a few GIFs to make the grieving process over the cancellation of ABC's Nashville a little bit smoother.

10 ‘Nashville’ GIFs To Get You Through Grieving Over the Cancellation of the Show
Photo by ABC/Katherine Bomboy-Thornton

The grieving process is a very important part of understanding how to lose something you love. After the surprise cancellation of ABC’s Nashville, we all need a little pick-me-up to get through the woes of the show’s abrupt end.

Although it’s rumored that the show may be getting shopped around to find a new home for a fifth season, it’s unsure whether or not executives will be able to #bringbackNashville as the ongoing Twitter trend is trying to do.

Going through the five stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance can be a complete struggle, but we’ve made it a tad easier to cope by compiling some GIFs to go along with each phase.

Grab your tissues, Nashies, because we are all mourning the loss of our faves from Nashville:

  1. Step One – Denial and Isolation

When in doubt, deny it ever happened. The first step of numbing the grieving pain involves self-denial and isolation from the situation. We’ve seen Deacon and Rayna play this game far too many times with their internal thoughts, so now we can relate.

  1. Step Two – Anger

Nashies will be screaming and fighting for Nashville to come back, channeling the second step of anger in the process. Don’t make us turn into the crazy side of Juliette!

  1. Step Three – Bargaining

The bargaining part of grief is like making a dissolvable pact that will never be kept. Putting the blame on something else is a little weird as Avery understands in the GIF, but whatever gets you through the cancellation!

  1. Step Four – Depression

Be right back—forever crying over the loss of Rayna and the gang. Don’t mind us crying in the corner for the rest of our lives because we already miss everyone and Nashville and…sorry, it’s a little too much to handle right now.

  1. Step Five – Acceptance

This is the moment where keep calm and carry on applies because we have to accept that it could be the end of our friends in Music City. While we all definitely are just putting on our brave faces, we’ve have to find some peace in the fact that at least we got four great seasons with Rayna James & co.

RIP Nashville. You will be greatly missed.