10 Ways Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are #RelationshipGoals for Their 10th Anniversary

We're counting 10 ways that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are our #relationshipgoals in honor of their tenth anniversary.

Written by Lauren Laffer
10 Ways Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are #RelationshipGoals for Their 10th Anniversary
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Happy anniversary, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! The couple is celebrating ten years as a married couple today.

The singer and actress met at G’Day LA, a Hollywood event honoring Australians, in January 2005. They married just over a year later in Sydney, Australia at the Cardinal Memorial Chapel. Since exchanging vows, the couple welcomed two daughters, Sunday Rose in 2008 and Faith Margaret in 2010.

We’re celebrating Urban and Kidman’s 10th anniversary by sharing ten times Keith and Nicole were our #relationshipgoals:

1. A couple who sings together, stays together. They recently showcased their adorable personalities with a spoof of Carpool Karaoke when they sang Urban’s duet with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter.”

2. Nicole was busy preparing for a movie, but while in hair and makeup, she couldn’t resist singing her man’s hit single “Wasted Time.” The makeup artist had to stop what she was doing until the song ended!

3. They two are supportive of each other through hard times, like when they lost their fathers. Keith canceled shows following the unexpected death of Nicole’s father in 2014.

4. While both Keith and Nicole are busy with their respective careers, they always make time to talk on the phone. “My husband and I never text each other. We never do. Once in a blue moon, we’ll text. But mainly we say, ‘I want to hear your voice,’ Nicole told DuJour Magazine.

5. They don’t just love each other… they like each other too! “As much as we love each other, we really like each other. The first person I want to share anything with is him,” said Kidman.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

6. The couple is in tune with charities close to their heart… like the time they visited the Monash Children’s Hospital to sing “Amazing Grace.”

7. They always speak highly of each other. “He’s amazing,” Kidman gushed. “We all go through terrible things at different times in our lives, but to be literally carried by your partner, physically at times ’cause I was so devastated, it’s just like, I’ll do anything for that man.”

8. In 2012, Keith had vocal surgery and had strict vocal rest for three weeks. His bride cried after hearing him talk for the first time afterwards…

9. Nicole is always encouraging Keith to pursue new ventures, like the time he wrote “For You” for the movie Act of Valor. “She said to me, ‘You should do this, you really should. I think you’ll be able to do this if you commit to it.’ She gently suggested that I do it and I’m glad she did.”

10. The thought put into their daughters names is everything. “That’s our favorite day because if you’re happy and you’ve got your family and the things around you, then Sunday’s a beautiful day,” Kidman told Oprah Winfrey of Sunday Rose’s name. “So our baby’s called Sunday.” Faith Margaret came from a mix of never losing faith to have another child and Margaret from Nicole’s grandmother.

Happy anniversary, Keith and Nicole! Here’s to many more years together!