13 Country Stars and Their Real Names

Did you know that Tim McGraw's real name is Samuel Timothy Smith and that Shania Twain's birth name is Eileen Regina Edwards? 

Written by Kelly Brickey
13 Country Stars and Their Real Names
Dierks Bentley, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw; Publicity Photos

In the world of show business, even names can become a complete sham. While the personality trait for each individual person can define a lot of about who they truly are, some stars keep that information underwraps for the sake of a stellar career in the industry.

Stage names and pseudonyms have been a part of society for quite some time to keep the true anonymity in their downtime away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, it’s similar to living a lie according to fans who don’t know any better.

Rather than keep things on the down low for all of you devoted country music lovers, we’re exposing the truth behind what is in a name (or more specifically, what’s going on with your favorites’ names). While some completely ditch what the legalities from their birth certificates say, others forget their last names and wipe them away for a first name-middle name combo.

Here are some of your favorite country artists’ real names like you’ve never seen them before:

  1. Colden Rainey Swindell a.k.a. Cole Swindell
  2. Frederick Dierks Bentley a.k.a. Dierks Bentley
  3. Jason Aldine Williams a.k.a. Jason Aldean
  4. Samuel Timothy Smith a.k.a. Tim McGraw
  5. Audrey Faith Perry a.k.a. Faith Hill
  6. Candace Mycale Guyton a.k.a. Mickey Guyton
  7. Eileen Regina Edwards a.k.a. Shania Twain
  8. Thomas Luther Bryan a.k.a. Luke Bryan
  9. Shawn Randolph Houser a.k.a. Randy Houser
  10. Christina Claire Ciminella a.k.a. Wynonna Judd
  11. Joshua Ryan Owen a.k.a. Jake Owen
  12. Racheal Lynn Woodward a.k.a. RaeLynn
  13. Leon Eric Brooks III a.k.a. Kix Brooks