14 Times Jake Owen’s Daughter Pearl Was The Cutest

Written by Lauren Laffer
14 Times Jake Owen’s Daughter Pearl Was The Cutest

Jake Owen Pearl

Country music stars are some of the most musically talented people in the industry, but their talents don’t end at just music. They’re also very talented at making some of the cutest babies ever!

Take Jake Owen… he welcomed sweet Olive Pearl into the world on Thanksgiving 2012. Ever since Pearl’s debut, she has continuously proven to be one of the most adorable country music babies ever!

Check out our 14 times Pearl Owen was the absolute cutest…

We fell in love with Pearl right off the bat — look at that belly!

What we wouldn’t give to nap like that…


At 1 year old, you could tell she was the apple of her daddy’s eye.

How sweet!


Jake Owen’s biggest fan, right there!

This sweet angel might also have a career in country music!


We clearly know Pearl’s favorite song!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it seems!


Jake is from Florida, so it’s only natural he’d raise Pearl to love the water!

She’s even ready for some fishin’!


She also knows how to go hunting… for Easter eggs, that is!

We’re gettin’ some serious #twinning vibes going on!



Daddy-daughter smoothies — seriously the CUTEST!