64 Things to Love About George Strait

We're celebrating George Strait's 64th birthday by sharing 64 things to love about George Strait!

64 Things to Love About George Strait
George Strait; Photo courtesy MCA Records Nashville

Happy Birthday to the “King of Country Music,” Mr. George Strait! To commemorate his 64th birthday, which we believe should be a nationally recognized holiday, we’ve got a list of 64 things we love about George Strait. Just wait until he turns 100!

1. “Amarillo By Morning”
2. Those Wranglers!
3. He was born in Poteet, Texas. Poteet. Come on, that’s just fun to say.
4. He’s always been a songwriter, but it wasn’t until 2011’s Here for a Good Time that George dominated the track-listing as a co-writer on seven of the album’s cuts.
5. He’s a real cowboy, with some real team-roping cred under his hat.


6. He’s been married once…and for over 40 years…to Norma, his high school sweetheart. (Lucky lady!)
7. Dusty Chandler (his character in Pure Country)
8. Those fiddle licks on “Unwound.” Okay, George probably had little to do with that, but still.
9. His use of fiddle in general. Sometimes twin fiddles. That’s country!
10. 10 years ago, George scored two No.1’s: “Give It Away” and “It Just Comes Natural.”
11. 20 years ago, George scored two No.1’s: “Blue Clear Sky” and “Carried Away.”
12. 25 years ago, George scored two No.1’s: “If I Know Me” and “You Know Me Better Than That.”
13. 30 years ago, George scored three No.1’s: “Nobody In His Right Mind Would Have Left Her,” “It Ain’t Cool To Be Crazy Over You” and “Ocean Front Property.”
14. In between, those landmarks, George scored over 40 more No.1’s.
15. He may seem bashful, but he actually has a very dry, sharp sense of humor and hates doing interviews.
16. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” breaks your heart every time, and it was co-written by his manager.
17. He gave fans a heckuva farewell show on The Cowboy Rides Away Tour bringing artists like Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Lee Ann Womack, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan and Texas buddies like Randy Rogers Band on stage with him.
18. He came back! Viva Las Vegas!
19. He never succumbed to the pressure to move to Nashville.
20. He has the same band, the Ace In The Hole Band, that he’s always had.
21. He took Taylor Swift on tour before anyone knew who she was.


22. He annually raises money for children’s charities in memory of his daughter Jenifer.
23. His Walmart commercial for Cold Beer Conversation shot with son Bubba and grandson…Little Bubba.
24. He drives a pick-up truck. Of course he does.
25. “All My Exes Live in Texas” kinda makes it cool to be an ex…in Tex.
26. Although he’s released 95 singles, he’s only shot 16 music videos. Wait…do we really like this?
27. The George Strait Country Music Festivals (1998 – 2001) were all day events that included sets from the best in country music including Tim, Faith, Kenny, Alan, Lee Ann, Brooks & Dunn and more.


28. He’s a good grandpa…and a hot one.
29. His love of Bob Wills’ classics like “Right or Wrong.”
30. He wears pink…like a boss.
31. His smile is so big and bright, it reaches the nosebleed seats at NRG Stadium.
32. He plays golf regularly, giving new meaning to “country club.”
33. In addition to having the same band, he’s been on the same record label and had the same manager, Erv Woolsey, for almost his entire career. He’s loyal.
34. His version of “Milk Cow Blues” is just sexy. It just is.
35. Pearl snaps. Forever.
36. He took the heat off of Miranda Lambert, after her father was upset with her first tattoo, by getting a tattoo himself. It was a stick-on, but still…
37. Young country artists still aspire to a career like his.
38. He, in fact, aspired to be like Merle Haggard.
39. He still keeps us guessing. From retiring, to returning to Vegas, to throwing himself into his songwriting later in his career, to pop-up appearances at SXSW with Asleep At The Wheel…well played Mr. Strait.


40. It isn’t Christmas without “Christmas Cookies.”
41. He is always dressed appropriately for the occasion – tuxedo, suit, pearl snaps, golf shirt – he’s got this.
42. He’s outdoorsy – hunting, fishing, skiing and ranching.
43. He enjoys a cold beer and Tex Mex just like we do. We actually enjoy it more knowing that he does, too.
44. Good luck finding incriminating paparazzi photos of the King. He doesn’t do anything to get that kind of negative attention. Good on ya, George!
45. The Bud Light commercial featuring “Adelida” still makes us giggle.
46. The teeny tiny guitar George is playing on the cover of Twang. That makes us giggle, too.
47. His middle name is Harvey.


48. He served his country in the U.S. Army and THEN went to college.
49. He still supports in the military as part of the Wrangler National Patriot program which rases awareness and funds for wounded veterans and families of fallen military personnel.
50. Every record label in Nashville passed on him at first, but at the insistence of his wife, he persisted. YAY NORMA!
51. He’s sold out every show he’s ever done at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.
52. In 1995, he released a four-disc career retrospective, Strait Out of the Box. He’s about due for another one.
53. It’s highly believable that he really does shop at Tractor Supply.
54. He hasn’t changed, yet he continues to evolve.
55. “The Fireman” wasn’t a No.1, but everyone still knows it because…George.
56. Waltzes, two-steps and swings are mainstays in his repertoire, which is why he’s a dancehall favorite.
57. He has a heart as big as Texas. He co-wrote “I Believe” with son Bubba and Dean Dillon after the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.
58. He has aged gracefully…and handsomely.


59. His fans are so loyal, they gave him his 60th No.1 for his 60th birthday.
60. Even though he played with a band while in the Army, George got his start the same way most up-and-comers do—playing local dive bars, honky-tonks and dance halls in Texas. Dream big, y’all!
61. When his Blue Heeler, Buster, came up missing, George took out an ad in the San Antonio paper to find him. He never returned, but George does have a new pup.
62. He doesn’t succumb to trends. He is his own man.
63. May 18, George’s birthday, may not be a national holiday, but it is a state holiday in Texas—George Strait Day.
64. His voice is pure country music velvet.