Hungry? Thirsty? Bookmark This Page for Some of the Best Food and Drink Options in Nashville

Make sure your trip to Nashville is top notch!

Hungry? Thirsty? Bookmark This Page for Some of the Best Food and Drink Options in Nashville
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES - 2017/07/17: Pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland river and the lights of the Nashville city skyline at dusk. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

When it comes to good food, Nashville has an embarrassment of riches, and sometimes that can lead to paralysis when you’re trying to pick out someplace good to eat. Fortunately, we’ve spent a lot of time here at Sounds Like Nashville finding some of the best spots in town and sharing them with you. So we suggest bookmarking this page for the next time you’re hungry and maybe even have a specific craving but no idea where to go. We’ve got all the answers for you!

Need a little hair of the dog after a long night? Let these over-the-top Bloody Marys chase away the hangover monster.

Got an urge for some Polynesian fun? Hit up these new tiki bars around town.

Somebody else is paying for your birthday dinner? Sounds like fancy steak night to us!

Wait, you have to pay your own tab? These old school steak joints will also do just fine.

Just want a nice cold beer? Here are some of the new hot spots in “Brewsic City.”

Prefer a nice old beer? These old reliable breweries will fix you up.

Looking for a place for a power lunch? These will impress your potential future boss.

Searching for the best burger in town? You’ll find a new favorite at one of these!

Hungry for chicken, but not the whole bird? These wing emporiums will scratch that itch.

Trying to jumpstart your failed New Year’s resolutions? Eat healthier at these delightful options.

Your 14-year old daughter suddenly declared herself a vegetarian. Humor her at one of these veggie-centric eateries.

Want to impress a first date with your knowledge of “Old Nashville?” Take them to one of these hidden gems.

Still trying to impress him/her on the second date? Head someplace romantic.

Third date? You know what they say about oysters…