Five Times Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Won the Best Couple Ever Award

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher should qualify for the Best Couple Ever award after all of the fun things they get up to together.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Five Times Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Won the Best Couple Ever Award
Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher; Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization

From the time Carrie Underwood fell in love with Mike Fisher, it was inevitable that the two would become one of country music’s hottest couples. Not only did the two share good looks, but they also bonded over their similar passions and chill personalities.

The two tied the knot, and began their happily ever after from that moment on. The Fisher family welcomed in their son, Isaiah, filling their hearts even more so with love and they poured out everything they had to their crafts in the music industry and sports respectively.

Nevertheless, the fire still burns bright for Underwood and Fisher as they inspire other couples around the world with their kindness and humility as well as their desire to keep the romance alive at all times. Time and time again, they prove to be relationship goals to everyone they meet and couldn’t be more deserving of such a title.

Here are just five times that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher should have been given the best couple ever award:

  1. They stand together to fight for good causes

Whether it’s supporting the battle against modern day slavery or showing love for their local community, both Underwood and Fisher dedicate themselves to giving back to a number of charitable organizations. It proves the love they have for the world around them while still keeping the spark alive between them, too.

  1. Their jokes and hilarious antics always make each other laugh

If these Halloween costumes say anything about their comedic tendencies, then prepare yourself for all the funny jokes Underwood and Fisher participate in. Anything they do brings a smile to each other’s faces, as well as making many of their fans grin over the gags.

  1. Getting glam for date night is one of their specialties

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No joke, Underwood and Fisher have to be one of the hottest couples in country music. From Underwood’s luscious blonde locks and killer physique to Fisher’s dreamy eyes and handsome smile, these two don’t need much to look fancy but always make the most of dressing up anyways when they paint the town red.

  1. The celebrations never stop when these two are together

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Underwood and Fisher know that popping champagne for all the right reasons lightens up every occasion from New Year’s Eve to a big accomplishment at work. Grab the party hats and burst open the bubbly because this couple knows just how to celebrate together.

  1. World class vacations automatically make this couple the coolest of them all

Both of the pair’s jobs require a lot of hard work, so their vacation time rings true to be filled with rest and relaxation. Traveling across borders to explore new territories and countries alike, there’s no stopping Underwood and Fisher from exploring the world around them as long as they do it as a team.

Currently, Underwood is balancing her work and family life as she just released a new single, “Cry Pretty,” out to fans and cheers on her husband and the Nashville Predators during their playoff run to the Stanley Cup Finals.