Cole Swindell’s Nashville Favorites

You can find Swindell eating a wing or two of hot chicken, or dancing downtown at one of the local honkytonks!

Cole Swindell’s Nashville Favorites
Cole Swindell; Photo courtesy Schmidt Relations

From taking on his first-ever headlining tour to anxiously awaiting the release of his third album, Cole Swindell has a lot going on for himself.

When he isn’t running around like crazy from all the things on his to-do list, Swindell mostly likes to chill out and relax in a lowkey setting. But even the singer works up the spirit to grab a bite to eat a couple bars in the area and dance down on Broadway on the off occasion.

From chowing down on a classic greasy burger right off the madness of downtown Nashville to testing his spice strength with some traditional hot chicken, Swindell has definitely adopted the laws of the Southern city he started calling home not too long ago.

Check out Cole Swindell’s five favorite places to hang out around in town for his Nashville Favorites:

Whiskey Row Nashville: “I love Whiskey Row downtown because my buddy Dierks Bentley, it’s his bar.”

400 Broadway /

Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint: “Jack Brown’s just because their burgers and fries are ridiculous.”

1123 3rd Ave N /

Losers Bar & Grill: “Losers, cool spot midtown just to grab a beer, you know? Chill. Not so downtown-ish.”

1911 Division St /

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken: “Hattie B’s, I love that place. I’m medium [spice level]. Yeah, I think I’ve gotten the one up from medium before and it was just a little much. Medium’s about good for me but I’m glad they at least have levels because I’ve ordered hot chicken before and it’s like I can’t even, I don’t know. I can’t get through it.”

112 19th Ave S /

His couch: “Probably lastly my couch because that’s where I spend a lot of time just laying down. Doing laundry is my, just chilling and resting up.”

Fans can catch up with Swindell and his latest news through his social media channels.