Eight Country Stars Who Like to Celebrate National Kissing Day

To celebrate National Kissing Day, Sounds Like Nashville has found the best kisses of country stars who honor this holiday anytime they want!

Eight Country Stars Who Like to Celebrate National Kissing Day
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Whether it’s a peck, a smooch or a snog, all kisses are created equal. They all show affectionate love toward someone (or something, in certain cases) and nothing beats something like a kiss, as pointed out in many country songs. Some people blow kisses to their loved ones, some may write it out over text with their x’s and o’s and some may just lay a big one on their significant other right on the lips. But hey, a kiss is a kiss and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with showing a little love!

To celebrate National Kissing Day, Sounds Like Nashville has found the best captured kisses of country stars on Instagram and we want to give a big shout out to those who honor this holiday anytime they please! Here are just a few of the kisses that make our hearts swell with happiness:


My .

A photo posted by R A E L Y N N (@raelynnofficial) on

Raelynn and hubby Josh Davis may still be newlyweds, but they have this looking-cute-kissing thing down pat! While they share a little kiss on the cheek, it surely proves how much they really are just two kids in love.

Randy Houser

And with one kiss on the lips, they became husband and wife. Randy Houser and his new bride exchanged vows on their special day and this snapshot of the grand occasion paints the perfect picture for their happy future together.

Faith Hill

Leaving for the #ACMs.

A photo posted by Faith Hill (@faithhill) on

Let’s be honest: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are probably one of the sweetest couples not only in country music, but in all of the entertainment industry. To solidify their status of #relationshipgoals, this pre-awards show peck completes both of their ACM looks to a T.

Thomas Rhett

Boom! Love you honey @laur_akins

A photo posted by ThomasRhettAkins (@thomasrhettakins) on

Well, Thomas Rhett got his wish—he and wife Lauren both got to witness the Eiffel Tower at night and celebrated with bright smiles, brighter lights and a small kiss on the cheek. How much cuter could they get?

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line

High on loving you.

A photo posted by Tyler Hubbard (@thubbmusic) on

After you dedicate a song to your wife, it’s pretty clear you two are madly in love. Tyler Hubbard shared a pic of him and wife Hayley sharing a quick kiss and captioned it with one of the lyrics from the country ballad saying, “High on loving you.” Cue all of the oohs and awws now.

Mickey Guyton

Clearly, it’s love… #ACMawards @itsdougthepug

A photo posted by Mickey Guyton (@mickeyguyton) on

One major rule of kissing many people forget is that it doesn’t have to be with your significant other. You can kiss your friends on the cheek or blow one to a little baby or kiss your pet for all that matter! Mickey Guyton spread the love when meeting Doug the Pug by trying to give him a little smooch. Unfortunately, Doug knows that Guyton’s heart really lies with her dog, Charlie.

Hillary Scott


A photo posted by Hillary Scott (@hillaryscottla) on

Nothing beats a kiss on the cheek from both Mommy and Daddy. Hillary Scott’s daughter, Eisele, looks to be eating up all the attention from her parents as they show her how much they adore their little ballerina girl. So spoiled and yet so cute!

Brett Eldredge

Baseball, Budweiser, America…. Magic #ThisBudsForYou

A photo posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on

Never have we ever wanted to trade places with a Budweiser can more than we do right now. We know how you feel, Brett. Beer is one of our favorite summer friends and we understand why you plant a big smooch on your can. In fact, we don’t mind if you get drunk on its love.