Eight Times Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Were #CoupleGoals on Instagram

Morris has her heart set on boyfriend Ryan Hurd and their relationship gives all fans the ultimate feels through their Instagram feeds.

Eight Times Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd Were #CoupleGoals on Instagram
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Maren Morris has become one of the hottest names in country music overnight with one of the most popular records of the year so far. As we all know, there is no better way to celebrate success than with someone special by your side. Morris has her heart set on boyfriend Ryan Hurd and their relationship gives all fans the ultimate feels.

From their rich red carpet dates to their grungy bar hangs, these two are completely inseparable these days and they don’t show any signs of stopping. Their timeline of love is documented quite perfectly throughout each other’s Instagram accounts and Sounds Like Nashville has compiled eight of the most precious captured moments of their time together.

Check out the eight times that proved Morris and Hurd were 100 percent #CoupleGoals:

  1. Buying her album together 


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Shopping at Target is already an exciting adventure. But it’s even more thrilling when your boyfriend joins along for the ride to go and buy your debut album with you. Morris and Hurd boosted her sales up two more copies with their purchases that day.

  1. Performing at the Ryman 

Playing the legendary Ryman stage is already a huge accomplishment, so Morris got some extra support from Hurd as he sang her hit, “My Church,” with her at the iconic venue. He can’t take his eyes off his girl as she controls the stage with her strong presence.

  1. Dates on the red (or pink) carpet

Started from the Red Door now we here. 😍❤️ #cmtawards

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Morris and Hurd are classy as all get out whenever they strut their stuff on the red carpet together. For the 2016 CMA Music Awards, Morris sizzled alongside her gorgeous date as they took some pictures before the show. Cleverly captioned, Morris reminisced on their journey together by saying, “Started from the Red Door, now we here.”

  1. Going to concerts with each other 

About to watch @troyesivan at the @youtube showcase!

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When both you and your boyfriend are professional musicians for a living, it’s a expectation that your dates end up being concerts. Morris and Hurd took a quick second to take a pic of them together while seeing pop newcomer Troye Sivan at a YouTube Showcase, showing worlds colliding all around.

  1. Drifting away on the lake

The ultimate summer date: Two beers, a boat on the lake and warm sunshine. Soaking in all the sun they can get, Morris and Hurd seem to be enjoying the peace and quiet of Michigan’s nature, as well as enjoying one another for smooth sailing.

  1. Cuddling forever

My love. #legbruiseandall #croppingpro 📷: @natalieosborne

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What better seat to take than right on your boyfriend’s lap, right? Morris climbs on up to Hurd in this black-and-white snapshot and looks mighty fine doing so. Showing off how comfortable they are with each other, the picture shows that this couple care about each other on another level.

  1. Cheers to happiness and love

…last night.

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It’s that loving look! This time, the couple exchange beers bottles for champagne flutes while they gaze into each other’s eyes. With his hand around her waist and her smile wide as can be, Hurd and Morris show their true love for one another on a night out.

  1. Jet-setting across the country together

What up, SC?

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Not every day does the average couple take their love sky high in a private plane! Morris and Hurd raised the stakes for every other country couple when they set off in a small private jet together en route to South Carolina. Now that’s the kind of date that we’re talking about!