Five Questions with Thomas Rhett

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Five Questions with Thomas Rhett

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Thomas Rhett is one of country music’s hottest newcomers. With hit singles like “Something To Do With My Hands” and “It Goes Like This,” as well as a tour with superstar Jason Aldean under his belt, Rhett is ready to introduce country music fans to his brand of country music, which is infused with influences from all across the board.

The Georgia native’s much-anticipated debut album, It Goes Like This, hit stores this week, and to celebrate, we recently caught up with Rhett to chat about it. See what he had to say below…

CMIL: You recently wrapped a tour with Jake Owen and Jason Aldean. What was your favorite about the tour and what did you learn from being on the road with them for so long?

TR: The best part about touring with those two guys is the camaraderie. During the day, we all get out on the lawn of the amphitheater and we have band teams and we’ll play wiffle ball or flag football. Obviously watching those two guys, learning from them and playing shoes with them has been a blessing in itself. Getting to know Jake not as an entertainer, and getting to know Jason not as an entertainer, has been really cool. Those are friendships that you’ll take with you for forever. Those are the guys that will always have good advice to help you along the way, so it’s been pretty awesome.

CMIL: Before “It Goes Like This” hit No.1, you reached the top of the charts as a songwriter for the first time with “Round Here,” recorded by Florida Georgia Line. What does it mean to you have to have your first chart-topper as a songwriter?

TR: I remember the day that Tyler and Brian called me and asked me if they could cut that song on the record. Ya know, to have that out as their third number one in a row, I feel honored to be a part of that project and be a part of what those guys are doing. Your first number one only happens one time and I’m glad it was with buddies of mine like Brian and Tyler.

CMIL: Congratulations on celebrating your one-year wedding anniversary! Has being married affected your music making at all?

TR: It’s helped it. There might be a lot of artists that when their wives give them an opinion on their song, they let it go in one ear and out the other. Lauren is at heart, she’s a fan. She’s a fan of country music and she’s a fan of a lot of singers in country music today. When my wife says she likes a song, that means a lot to me, when she hates a song, it means a lot to me. Not that she determines everything that goes on the record, but she’s 23, my age, and she knows what girls her age want to hear. I definitely play Lauren everything that I write and songs that I want to get cut, so if anything she’s helped.

CMIL: You’ve had songs recorded by a variety of great artists – how do you decide which songs to keep, which ones to let other artists cut, and when to look for outside cuts?

TR: I wrote seven of the 12 songs that are on the record. I could have filled up the record with songs that I wrote. There came a point where I was hearing so many different songs and so many songwriters were pitching songs to me that I was just like, ‘Man I can’t deny that I like this song way better than the one I wrote.’ For the longest time, I had this pride thing and I was like, ‘I’ve gotta write everything on my record or else I’m not a true songwriter.’ But I’m over that. To me, now, it’s the best song wins, whether I wrote it or not. There’s five songs on the album that other people wrote that I just fell in love with. I couldn’t resist putting them on the record. It’s just one of those things where it doesn’t matter who wrote it, the best song always wins.

CMIL: The songs on your EP were definitely unique, with a variety of different influences. Did you carry that same sound onto the album as well?

TR: I think that there’s something for everyone on this record, whether you’re more into the traditional side of country or the new kind of trend of country or the rock inside of country. There’s a little bit of everything on there. I want everybody to think that I can kinda pull anything off. I love getting on stage and doing random rock-n-roll covers or pop covers or hip hop covers and still make ‘em country and still make ‘em me. To where if you go to a show you’re not surprised that’s what we’re doing.

Fans can keep up with Rhett on Facebook and Twitter. Click HERE to purchase It Goes Like This on iTunes and HERE to visit his official website.