Five Times Luke and Caroline Bryan Weren’t Afraid to Get Silly on Instagram

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, always know just how to have a good time with each other by keeping their comedy at an all-time high.

Five Times Luke and Caroline Bryan Weren’t Afraid to Get Silly on Instagram
Luke and Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Often times, people turn to Instagram to show off photos of their food, lavish vacations and snapshots from daily life. Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, manage to do all of these things, but with a sense of humor that proves that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The Bryans are one of country music’s power couples and a quick scroll through their Instagram accounts shows off the exciting lives they lead, but with a healthy dose of humor mixed in.

Here are five times that Luke and Caroline Bryan dared to be silly on Instagram:

2017 Halloween….Michael Meyers got nothing on our neighborHOOD !! 🎃

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The couple went all out on their Halloween costumes in 2017, opting for more humorous attire with their outlandish inflatable dinosaur costumes that looked like they made for a pretty entertaining evening.


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People are often picky when it comes to posting food-related photos on Instagram, but the Bryans prove that it is possible to have fun with your food, based on this silly snapshot they took with chocolate over their teeth, flashing the most charming of smiles.

So good…even the vein in my forehead wanted some. #shaveice

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It seems like the Bryans are a close knit family, especially looking at these energetic snaps from a family vacation in Hawaii where they all unabashedly dive in on a shared cone of shaved ice, making for a fun moment.

Whether rocking a T-Rex costume or dressing up as old ladies, Luke and Caroline always bust out the best get ups. During Bryan’s 2018 Crash My Playa, he sported a spot on Blake Shelton look, while Caroline offers a hilarious nod to Shelton’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title by sporting a life vest with the words written across in glitter. Too funny!

The punch was supposed to be nonalcoholic…

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The couple isn’t always affectionate in their Instagram photos, but they went all out for this amusing shot where things seem to have gotten a bit wild under the mistletoe as Luke shamelessly licks his wife’s cheek (note: his festive holiday Miller Lite sweater that adds an even funnier touch).