Celebrate Mother’s Day With This Special Country Playlist

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate the occasion than by collecting some songs for a special playlist!

Celebrate Mother’s Day With This Special Country Playlist
LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 06: Recording artist Carrie Underwood (R) and Carole Underwood attend the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christopher Polk/ACMA2014/Getty Images for ACM)

Luke Bryan was absolutely right when he sang the lyric, “Most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood,” because moms save the world one day at a time.

Just like the heroes they are, country music always honors the matriarch of the family by respecting her and using all mothers out there to inspire quite the amount of songs. While dads do their share of work as well, nothing compares to a mother’s love for her child and how important it is to reciprocate that sentimental feeling.

Anyone from Carrie Underwood to Taylor Swift to even Merle Haggard sang about the importance of motherhood and how it influenced them in a positive manner. Artists understand the dedication it takes to be a parent in that position, especially on the almighty Mother’s Day observed every May. Putting the appreciation into a recorded track seems like the ultimate gift to give, so Sounds Like Nashville compiled a list worthy of presenting to all the moms out there.

Here are just five of the many country songs inspired by mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day:

  1. “My Wish”—Rascal Flatts

Mothers always want the best for their children, and hope their dreams come true as much as possible. Rascal Flatts mentions all the proud moments a mom looks forward to while watching their babies grow and even squeezes some sweet sentiments that all parents believe throughout each inspirational lyric.

  1. “I Hope You Dance”—Lee Ann Womack

Just like that of Rascal Flatts’ hit, Lee Ann Womack hits every listener in the feels by thinking of all the happy things a mother wants for her little ones. As a mom herself, Womack truly puts the idea of unconditional love into every verse she sings and allows everyone to pass the song along their sons and daughters.

  1. “Mama, I’m Alright”—Miranda Lambert

Real talk: raising babies isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Miranda Lambert points out the struggle of teaching a wild child the ropes of life and gives her mama grace for realizing she couldn’t hold down the drifting spirit of her kid. Lambert remains grateful for having the space to fly her wings, all thanks to her mother who let her go proudly.

  1. “Mama’s Song”—Carrie Underwood

The hardest part for any mother is letting go of their baby for them to start a family of their own with someone else. When Carrie Underwood tied the knot to Mike Fisher, she let her mom know she’d be just fine with her husband by her side but still honored the character her mother shaped inside of her to make the right decisions in the end.

  1. “The Best Day”—Taylor Swift

Cue the happy crying because this Taylor Swift classic knows just how to pull at the heartstrings. Written about her own mom and the experiences they had together during Swift’s upbringing, it relates over to any mother-daughter relationship that balances the whole friend and parent deal. Nevertheless, you’ll need a couple tissues to get through the four-minute track because it’s an emotional one to say the least.

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