Ten Songs to Honor Moms for Mother’s Day

While Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day, it’s time to honor the greatest ladies ever with a few country songs all about how special it is to be and have a mom.

Ten Songs to Honor Moms for Mother’s Day
Photo via @martinamcbride on Instagram

Not all superheroes wear capes. Moms know how to take care of business and always make it look so easy. They’re our closest confidants, role models and the best friends anyone could ever ask for. While Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day, it’s time to honor the greatest ladies ever with a few country songs all about how special it is to be and have a mom.

Here are ten songs dedicated to some of the strongest women on the planet, as known as all the mothers out there…enjoy!

Mama’s Song—Carrie Underwood
Everyone is looking for someone to love and when you find the right person, you just know. Ultimately though, mother knows best and wants the best for her child. Underwood sends the universal stamp of approval with “Mama’s Song,” letting all moms know that their babies will be taken care of in the end.

In My Daughter’s Eyes—Martina McBride
The definition for the role of being a mother is ever-changing. Many children look up to their motherly figures for guidance and advice, just as McBride sings about in this song. While mothers think the world of their kids, children reciprocate the feeling just as much, if not more.

Mama Tried—Merle Haggard
The late great Haggard recognized the power it takes to be a mother, especially when she’s got rascals for children. Bless their hearts for doing the right thing even though kids can lose their way from time to time.

Somebody’s Hero—Jamie O’Neal
If you look up mother in the dictionary, you’ll find that the book will direct you to the ‘hero’ section. Even if it’s just the little things of making a nice, warm meal or taking on those extra hours to make a little more money, mothers know how to save the world with everything they do.

Mother Like Mine—The Band Perry
Everyone thinks they’ve got the best mom in the world. Here’s the catch: everyone is right. “Mother Like Mine” personalizes that idea according to The Band Perry, but the sentimental lyrics include anyone who believes that their mom makes the world a better place.

So I Sang—Darius Rucker
Sometimes, words don’t always amount to the emotions we truly feel toward someone. Just as pictures can be worth a thousand words, songs evoke the right sentiments one has within their hearts. Darius Rucker lets the lyrics play out how he really feels about his mama, even when the exact words can’t be expressed.

To The Moon and Back—Luke Bryan
Moms love their babies more than they can actually say. While they may give sweet kisses on the cheek before bed or reassure us time and time again that everything will be ok in the end, what they really want to say is what Luke Bryan sings in this sweet song: they love us through thick and thin to the moon and back.

The Baby—Blake Shelton
Sorry, older children: truth be told, the youngest children always get spoiled. The babies of the family get away with everything and get treated like royalty among the rest of the kids. Moms may not be allowed to pick favorites, but Blake Shelton’s song is living proof that we all know who Mom likes best, whether she’ll admit it or not.

Mama Don’t Forget to Pray for Me—Diamond Rio
Distance only makes the heart grow fonder. The bond between a mom and their son or daughter never strains even when miles are plenty and life is crazy. As the rat race catches up to even the best of us, mothers keep us in their hearts and in their prayers every step along the way.

Hot Mama—Trace Adkins
Sure, kids love their moms. But who keeps the mothers sane when the kids are getting a little too out of hand? Mamas need to have their fun too and Trace Adkins lets his special lady know she still looks dang good, even when dinner may be burned or her faded vintage jeans don’t fit right anymore.

Listen to these and more songs about mom in our playlist below.