The Best Country Songs to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

Father's Day is a special holiday where we all celebrate our dads for being the real heroes in disguise.

Written by Kelly Brickey
The Best Country Songs to Honor Dad on Father’s Day
Photo by Valerie Macon, Getty Images

To put it simply, dads rock. They take care of business and all of the hard tasks we wish we knew how to do. They’re the ones we call when the car breaks down or when we’re doing our taxes alone for the first time. Fathers just have a way with being the smartest and strongest guys on the planet and on Father’s Day, they deserve some love (and some relaxation!).

Sounds Like Nashville has made a country music playlist to honor those awesome dads for all they do and what they mean to everyone. Dads, you are the real heroes.

Watching You – Rodney Atkins

The ultimate feeling for any dad is when he knows his kid looks up to him. Rodney Atkins demonstrates the humbling moment of when his son tells him that he wants to grow up and be just like his Pop. Could this song (and music video) be any cuter?

There Goes My Life – Kenny Chesney

While they may never admit it, dads find it hard to see their babies grow up and move away. Sure, they may not show their feelings by crying or telling anyone their emotions, but it’s obvious they never want their kids to leave them. This Kenny Chesney hit could break a heart for those fathers in the same position, waving goodbye to their pride and joy.

Drive – Alan Jackson

Every son has a special bond with his son and Alan Jackson made that connection with his father through driving. Whether it be a boat or a truck, their father-son relationship was strong thanks to their shared mutual hobby. He passed along those same memories to his three daughters, Mattie, Ali, and Dani.

The Best Day – George Strait

A classic dad’s day out, George Strait sings this old-fashioned tune to point out the pivotal moments in a father-son relationship. From getting his first car to prepping him before the big wedding day, it’s all about the little special moments that change a son’s life forever and make a dad happier than he ever thought he could be.

Anything Like Me – Brad Paisley

Shout out to all the first time fathers who are nervous about raising their sons! Brad Paisley feels your anxiety over having a little boy and knowing he’s going to be just as you were when they’re growing up. It’s just one of those vicious happy cycles that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The Greatest Man I Never Knew – Reba

Some fathers just so happen to not be the touchy-feely type. They leave their emotions to themselves and they don’t show affectionate love through hugs and kisses. But as Reba sings, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids—sometimes, that means they love their kids more than anyone will ever know.

You Should Be Here – Cole Swindell

Get your tissues ready, folks. Cole Swindell wrote this hit about his late father and it definitely is a tearworthy tune. For this one, the music video is enough to make anyone cry as Swindell breaks down by his dad’s grave. The dedication is so real and Swindell does an incredible job at showing how much he loves and misses his father.

My Little Girl – Tim McGraw

Reversing the roles on this song, Tim McGraw sings about his fatherly perspective to his daughters. There’s something so special about the love a father has for his little girls and McGraw captured it well in this sweet serenade to his daughters.

My Last Name – Dierks Bentley

Dads give us a lot of things – their eyes, good advice, the occasional dad joke. But ultimately, we are all left with the last name of our fathers for the majority of our lifetimes. (Yes, even you, ladies, because that maiden name is important!) Dierks Bentley is proud of his family name and makes it known in this track.

Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore – Chris Stapleton

If Chris Stapleton’s daddy saw where he is now, he would sure be one proud dad. Another song dedicated to a late father, Stapleton does his dad justice by honoring the real legacy that his father left for him. It’s sure to be said that Stapleton’s dad is happily looking out for him.

Love Without End Amen – George Strait

One of the coolest things about being a dad to a son or a daughter is that unconditional love that is ever present no matter what situation a kid gets themselves into. This track is the ultimate Father’s Day song for its revival of the unsaid rule that the love from a dad will always be there.

Daddy Come and Get Me – Dolly Parton

Daddy to the rescue! When in doubt, it’s best to have your dad on speed dial in case of any emergency. Dolly Parton knows this word of advice all too well as she sings in this song about her need for help from her old man.

Song for Dad – Keith Urban

The best way to honor a father is to realize how much you are like them. Keith Urban has grown wise to the idea that he truly is his father’s son and that he loves the fact that he is just like the man he’s always looked up to throughout the years.

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