The Internet Is Proof that Carrie Underwood is the Nashville Predators’ Biggest Fan

Carrie Underwood is not shy about her love for her husband, Mike Fisher, or his hockey team, the Nashville Predators, on social media.

The Internet Is Proof that Carrie Underwood is the Nashville Predators’ Biggest Fan
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Carrie Underwood sure is not shy about how much love she has for her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher. She’s always cheering him on from near in Nashville or far away on the road.

With the Nashville Predators tearing up the ice recently during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Underwood has kicked into his No. 1 fan mode, posting left and right about the team’s winning success in the past few weeks. Like she even needs any more proof that she’s the Preds’ biggest fan (she married their centerman if that says anything), the Internet has all the documentation we need to show how devoted she is to the Nashville hockey team.

Take a look at Underwood’s undivided fangirl moments:

1. She brings her girls to the games.

We’re ready. @iveychilders @predsnhl #game6 #sharkhunting #fishayfishay #accidentalduckface

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Instead of hitting the town for cocktails and dancing, Underwood takes her gal pals out to the games. Cheering on her man while hanging with the girls? Talk about a fan’s perfect way to kill two birds with one stone!

2. Family is family, even at the Predators games.

Come on, you Preds! Hockey games are always a family-friendly occasion, from as young as a newborn baby like little Isaiah to grandmothers alike. As long as they sport that gold and navy, Underwood is all for a little bonding.

3. Her heart is with Fisher on the ice and off the ice.

Man Crush Monday is every day for Underwood. This regram of her favorite athlete reminisces on her first impression of Fisher before their romance blossomed. How sweet and supportive!

4. Underwood and the Preds’ mascot are besties.

#Repost @nhl ・・・ Carrie, Gnash, just 12 days till the show. Y’all ready? #IsItOctoberYet?

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Underwood doesn’t just feel the love from the Predators, but their mascot is also riding abroad the CU train. The feeling is mutual for Underwood and it’s safe to assume they’re on each other’s team.

5. GIFs of the Predators are her love language.

She admitted through Twitter that she watched this GIF over and over and we don’t blame her. Hilariously enough, it’s a pretty good representation of every Preds fan after the win that night.

6. She retweets instant replay clips of her man making that winning shot.

It’s not every day that your husband scores the goals that results in a win after triple overtime in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Underwood made sure he got all the praise deserved for quite the feat!

The Nashville Predators face off against the San Jose Sharks for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to determine which team will move on closer to the Stanley Cup Finals. The game will air live on May 12 at 8 p.m. CST on NBCSports.