Walker Hayes’ Nashville Favorites

Hayes remembers the places he used to go before he made it big when he heads out on the town for dinner or good music.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Walker Hayes’ Nashville Favorites
Walker Hayes; Photo by: David McClister

With his career blowing up over the past year, Walker Hayes doesn’t get to spend a lot of time back at home in Nashville with his wife and kids. But when he finally gets a relaxing moment to just chill out, he remembers the restaurants and spots he started out in and returns to his favorites time and time again.

The country singer moved to Music City several years ago and established relationships with business owners and restaurant managers no matter where he went. Even now that his star power continues to grow exponentially due to great traction from songs like “You Broke Up With Me” and “Halloween,” Hayes respects the help he was given during his humble beginnings by calling those places some of the best in town.

Get to know where Hayes calls home whenever he gets a spare minute in Nashville through his list of Nashville Favorites:

Puckett’s: “Any Puckett’s Boathouse, or Puckett’s Grocery, or Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork. All those places have given me work, a gig. And that’s hard to find in Nashville, because there’s so many people who play. The food is great. I played a residency “Walker Wednesdays” for many years at Puckett’s Boathouse in Franklin. And every Wednesday, they fed each and every one of my kids and my wife and me. It’s a great environment, it’s in Franklin. There’s one in Nashville too, but it’s great food and I suggest going there.”

94 E Main St (Franklin, TN) / puckettsboathouse.com

Miso: “There’s this place called Miso. It’s a sushi place in Franklin that I love. Same deal, when my wife and I and the kids walk in, they begin making it. They remember what you order, and that’s not just for us, they just do that for their regulars. That’s a cool place too because it’s unassuming, it’s in a strip mall, and you may find a superstar there every now and then. It’s kind of a nice little secret down there in Franklin.”

2020 Fieldstone Pkwy (Franklin, TN) /misojapanese.com

The Bluebird Café: “That’s the first place I walked in, heard some songwriters and said, ‘I wanna learn how to do that. Whatever they’re doing, that’s incredible.’ Songwriting is such an important part of Nashville, and that’s the place to go see it done. I don’t care who you see. You’ll leave, and that will probably be your favorite event in Nashville.”

4104 Hillsboro Pike / bluebirdcafe.com

Edgehill Café: “I go to Edgehill Café for a great breakfast. I like that. It’s on the road, it’s convenient. A lot of big songwriters in there all the time if you wanna do a little networking.”

1201 Villa Pl #101 / edgehillcafe.com

‘My Shack’: “My shack is where I build all my tracks, it’s like a glorified tool shed in the back of a house on Music Row. You can only visit when I’m there, and I’m never there anymore so…”

Fans can check out Hayes’ debut full-length release, boom., now.