10 Essential Dierks Bentley Songs

Dierks Bentley has one of the most impressive catalogs in country music, but here are 10 of his essentials.

Written by Annie Reuter
10 Essential Dierks Bentley Songs
Dierks Bentley; Photo by Rick Diamond/Country Rising/Getty Images

Dierks Bentley’s 2018 is shaping up to be a busy one. In addition to announcing the upcoming release of his forthcoming ninth studio album, The Mountain, the singer also revealed his 2018 Mountain High Tour and the launch of a clothing line called Desert Son. The singer shows no sign of slowing down and this month, we look back on Bentley’s 10 most memorable songs.

(Arranged chronologically)

“What Was I Thinkin'” — from Dierks Bentley
Bentley introduced himself to the country world with the infectious “What Was I Thinkin'” in 2003. The song has him making several bad decisions after falling for a girl named Becky from south Alabama. A staple in his live show, the success of the song has girls frequently dressed in white tank-tops while attending his concerts. An obvious nod to the song, he sings, “I was thinkin’ about a little white tank-top sittin’ right there in the middle by me.” His debut single, “What Was I Thinkin'” also became his first No. 1.

“Come a Little Closer” — from Modern Day Drifter
While Bentley hit the ground running with his first No. 1 single, it wasn’t until two years later that he’d be back at the top of the charts with “Come a Little Closer.” A powerful ballad, the song finds Bentley trying his best to smooth things over with a girl. “If there’s still a chance, then take my hand and we’ll steal away / Off into the night, ’til we make things right,” he sings.

“Feel That Fire” — from Feel That Fire
On “Feel That Fire,” Bentley picks up the groove while describing a girl who needs to feel the desire from her man. Throughout the sultry song, he gives numerous examples of how he’s more than happy to oblige and show her that “she’s everything I want and more.”

“Sideways” — from Feel That Fire
“Sideways” continues the party feel for Bentley, who sings of letting loose on the weekend after a long week. “Worked all week, it’s time to play / Gonna get a little bit sideways,” he croons. Added electric guitar, banjo and a foot-stomping beat make this a barn burner that begs to be danced to and radio seemingly agreed as it hit No. 1 on the country charts in 2009.

“Am I the Only One” — from Home
On “Am I the Only One,” Bentley laments of having to raise hell all by himself when his friends bail on a night out drinking. He manages to have fun solo and soon runs into a “country cutie with a rock ‘n’ roll booty” who switches things into high gear with a shot of Patron.

“5-1-5-0″ — from Home
With abundant energy, Bentley’s “5-1-5-0″ has the singer unable to shake a girl from his memory. “I’m going crazy, thinking about you baby,” he sings. Fast-paced guitar accompaniment and an infectious beat keep the listener intrigued throughout the entirety of the three-minute track.

“I Hold On” — from Riser
A powerful song that showcases the depth of Bentley’s character, “I Hold On” has the singer reminiscing of his past and the moments that molded him into the man he is today. Throughout the song, he sings of how he holds onto the things he believes in and what matters most to him: playing music with his old beat-up guitar, driving around Nashville with the first truck he travelled to Tennessee in, and being the man his wife can count on. An uplifting track, it sets Bentley apart from the other men on country radio in the best way.

“Drunk on a Plane” — from Riser
This earworm has Bentley portraying the character of a heartbroken man who almost made his way to the altar until his fiancée abruptly ended things. He couldn’t get his money back for their two-week honeymoon so he goes alone and, understandably, finds himself drunk on the plane. While it’s at first a sad tale, the music picks up as the chorus hits and transforms heartbreak into revelry as he can be found buying drinks for everyone and flirting with the cute flight attendant.

“Riser” — from Riser
A memorable ballad that serves as an anthem for the underdog, Bentley sings of being a fighter when the world pushes him down. Penned by Steve Moakler and Travis Meadows, Bentley has said “Riser” is the most meaningful song he’s ever been a part of and it’s easy to see why. An uplifting song for those going through struggles, “Riser” survives the test of time.

“Somewhere On a Beach” — from Black
Somewhat of a follow-up to “Drunk on a Plane,” on “Somewhere On a Beach” Bentley tells an ex that he’s moving on and living it up in a tropical location with a new girl. “We drink all day and party all night / I’m way too gone to have you on my mind,” he croons alongside laidback rhythms. An optimistic turn of events following a bad breakup, Bentley’s rhythmic singing style intrigues while his positive outlook reminds us all that we, too, can move on after a relationship ends.