Fall in Love with Wedding Season with These Romantic Country Songs

Wedding season officially kicked into full gear, and country music is setting the romantic tone for the summer with special love songs.

Fall in Love with Wedding Season with These Romantic Country Songs
Dan + Shay; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

To some people, summer means scorching temperatures and vacations galore. But what really changes when the weather warms up is the desire to tie the knot and start a forever life with one another.

Wedding season is in full gear, but that doesn’t mean country music can’t take over for the traditional playing of The March. If there’s one thing that the genre knows for better or worse, it’s the meaning of love and how important romance is in everyone’s lives. Inspiring some of the sweetest sentiments in acoustic or subtle fashion, country music knows how to elevate a ceremony with its passionate lyrics and gorgeous melodies.

From Dan + Shay losing their breath over the beauty of their brides to Shania Twain reminding her special someone about making them her top priority, love is all around in country music and the artists are proud to show their admiration through the songs they write.

Check out seven out of countless country love songs to use as a first dance moment or walk down the aisle to from Sounds Like Nashville’s 2018 wedding playlist:

  1. Parallel Line—Keith Urban

 The romantic man himself, Keith Urban penned this track with his wife, Nicole Kidman, in mind. These two can’t get enough of each other, or so it seems on every red carpet they walk together, and Urban revealed his life changed for the better when he met his better half in this song. Making hearts melt one chord at a time. 

  1. Speechless—Dan + Shay

What is there to even say when it comes to “Speechless?” Just as the title implies, Dan + Shay were both at a loss for words when they saw their wives dressed in white for the first time. Taking the groom’s perspective in this lyric, the simple aura radiating off of their dream girls makes them lose their minds in the best way. 

  1. Heaven—Kane Brown

When Kane Brown popped the question to his fiancée, he knew she was his angel on earth. The moment that anyone knows they’ve found their person turns into a spiritual experience like that of true euphoria. Sometimes, real life with the right someone can send anyone above the clouds. 

  1. You’re Still the One—Shania Twain

It’s been more than 20 years since this wedding anthem debuted, but the message that Shania Twain sings still remains true. Relationships require many difficult decisions and intense struggles, but putting the other person first and relying on them for those trying times proves the depth of love on another level. ‘You’re Still the One’ every couple wants to dance to, Shania. 

  1. You Make It Easy—Jason Aldean

Strap on those dancing shoes because Jason Aldean just got all kinds of gushy in this waltz-inspired number. While still keeping the country twang in his voice, Aldean makes this romantic ode the perfect dedication to twirl a blushing bride around to or sneak in a little kiss. 

  1. The Long Way—Brett Eldredge

Getting to know someone usually sparks a fire for a relationship, and that involves exactly the backstory that Brett Eldredge is looking for in “The Long Way.” Rather than use shortcuts in town or in conversation, he emulates the perfect partner for wanting to know every single part about his love and discover the hidden gems underneath it all. 

  1. Butterflies—Kacey Musgraves

Ah, the fluttery feeling of seeing someone you care deeply about may just be the best part of falling in love. Kacey Musgraves immediately got that vibe in the early stages of dating husband Ruston Kelly, and takes its whimsical nature into each dreamy note on this amorous tune.

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