Check Out Adam Doleac’s Hard-to-Resist ‘Neon Fools’

This one's perfect for a romantic night cap.

Written by Chris Parton
Check Out Adam Doleac’s Hard-to-Resist ‘Neon Fools’
Adam Doleac; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Newcomer Adam Doleac mixes Mississippi soul with a strong pour of late-night desire in his new “Neon Fools,” a slow-burning concoction guaranteed to create a buzz.

Featuring dobro, piano and some dangerously flirtatious beats, the track find Doleac’s smoky vocal crooning a hard-to-resist come on, while a gospel choir rises up to give his play some extra-heavenly weight. Co-written with Andy Skib and Thomas Finchum, it feels like a smooth talking pickup line (that might actually work), all about giving into to the passion of the moment, regardless of the repercussions.

“This song is exactly what it is: Giving in to each other romantically, not because it’s right, but because of how right it feels,” Doleac says in a statement. “I think it’s safe to say that many of us have allowed the neon setting of a crowed club to fool us into getting involved in situations. And when folks hear this track, wherever it takes them, I hope they love it.”

“Let’s let the neon fool us in to thinking / Me and you ain’t gonna burn out / Give in to this thing and feel it / Underneath these lights right now / We know better than to leave here together / But, baby, what do we got to lose? / Let’s be neon fools and let that neon fool me and you tonight,” goes the steamy chorus.

“Neon Fools” marks another step forward for the talented Mississippi native, who’s first major label single “Famous” is set to hit radio waves in January. The romantic track already held the top spot at SiriusXM’s The Highway for two weeks earlier this year, and it’s star-powered video featuring The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph is out now.

Meanwhile, Doleac is currently in the studio working on more new music, and will keep introducing himself to country fans on tour with Scotty McCreery and Ryan Hurd next spring.