Adam Doleac Plans the Trip of a Lifetime in ‘Somewhere Cool With You’

Next stop: country romance.

Written by Chris Parton
Adam Doleac Plans the Trip of a Lifetime in ‘Somewhere Cool With You’
Adam Doleac; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Rising star Adam Doleac is planning the trip of a lifetime in his new track, “Somewhere Cool With You.” But there’s no map needed for this vacation of the heart. His destination is more “state” of mind than anything else.

Featuring cinematic country-pop vibes and a vocal fusion of Southern soul and can’t-help-it charm, the track finds Doleac with his proverbial bags packed, looking for a special kind of travel companion. The Mississippi native and emerging talent gives his new tune an easy romantic sway and plenty of open-road optimism, promising to go with the flow on the journey of life.

“‘Somewhere Cool With You’ is about taking a trip with your person,” Doleac says of the song. “Where you might ask? Doesn’t even matter. ‘Anywhere, don’t care, long as you’re right there baby it’s cool with me…’ It’s a drop everything, spontaneous, throw a dart at a map and go kinda feeling. I wrote this song in the middle of quarantine, so the inspiration is VERY real for this one. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only ready to get back to normal, pack a bag, and go somewhere cool. If you feel that too, this one’s for you.” 

“Somewhere Cool With You” was written by Adam Doleac with Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins and Jared Keim, and it’s just the latest in a string of tunes helping the newcomer make his mark. Just last weekend, his 2020 release, “Another”, hit Number One on SiriusXM The Highway’s Hot 30 Weekend Countdown, and this year’s “Coulda Loved You Longer” is reportedly pulling in about a million streams each week right now.

Meanwhile, Doleac and his band are taking their romantic flair on the road, starting an opening stint on Zac Brown Band’The Comeback Tour tonight (September 2) in Wantagh, New York.