Alexandra Kay Laments A Crippling Heartbreak On New Song, ‘I Kinda Don’t’

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Written by Jeremy Chua
Alexandra Kay Laments A Crippling Heartbreak On New Song, ‘I Kinda Don’t’
Alexandra Kay; Photo credit: Curt Simshauser

Rising country singer Alexandra Kay is wearing her heart on her sleeve on a haunting ballad, “I Kinda Don’t.”

The personal song details the painful grey area Kay was thrust into following a breakup. She really wants to be happy for her ex-beau and his new girlfriend. But, the heartache holds her captive. 

I kinda wanna hate you / I kinda wanna be you / I kinda wish I never had to meet you in this bar / Cuz now I see what he sees / You’re everything I can’t be,” Kay sings tenderly on the chorus. “I can’t pretend I’m over him and seeing you ain’t hard / I kinda hope it works out for you both / But then again I kinda don’t.”

“‘I Kinda Don’t’ is about the first time I met my ex’s new girlfriend. She was beautiful and smart and kind and it made it that much harder to be okay with the fact that he had moved on,” Kay shares with Sounds Like Nashville. “In the song I find myself wanting to be her friend, complimenting her, chatting and then I realize… wait we love the same person… I’m not supposed to like you.”

Alexandra Kay
Alexandra Kay; Photo credit: Curt Simshauser

Over the last few years, Kay has been forging her country music career through building a strong online presence and following. Her 2016 cover of Dolly Parton’s iconic “Jolene,” which amassed a whopping 11.5 million views, propelled her into virality earlier on. Following her internet stardom, the Waterloo, Illinois native continues to release her own original songs, with the honest “Dive Bar Dreamer” preceding her latest release. 

Coupling a fast-growing and dedicated fan base with her unmistakably country delivery, Kay’s career in country music is definitely one to watch. 

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