Alissa Griffith Opens Her Heart to Love in ‘Unfold’ Video

'Let's see where this something goes ... '

Written by Chris Parton
Alissa Griffith Opens Her Heart to Love in ‘Unfold’ Video
Alissa Griffith; Photo credit: Ken Lin

Golden State native Alissa Griffith opens her heart to the possibility of true love in the new video for her track, “Unfold,” premiering exclusively on Sounds Like Nashville today (July 19).

Full of beachy West Coast vibes and centered on a California crush, the sunny clip was filmed in Griffith’s hometown of Laguna Beach and follows her and a beau as they explore a proverbial heaven on Earth, falling into each others arms each step of the way. With bright, upbeat sonics and a modern beat driving the song toward “happily ever after,” it’s all about letting romance wash over you like a wave.

“So let’s see where this something goes / It’s anything but typical, take it slow / Let it just, unfold / Close your eyes and lose control / If it’s meant to be, then we don’t need to know / We can let it just, unfold,” goes the lovestruck chorus hook.

“The inspiration for this song is that first feeling of starting to fall for someone… Being caught off guard and just deciding to roll with it instead of getting up in your head about things,” explained Griffith, who co-wrote the track with Dan Fernandez and Michael Whitworth.

Now residing in Nashville and combining her love of classic pop with country soul, Griffith’s debut single, “Glasses,” was featured on Spotify’s New Boots playlist and has been streamed more than 2 million times. “Unfold” has also been added to multiple Spotify playlists, and Griffith has now released the tender “What I’ve Been Missin’.”