Allie Colleen Celebrates Moms in ‘Ain’t the Only Hell (My Mama Raised)’

Check out this tribute to generational girl power!

Allie Colleen Celebrates Moms in ‘Ain’t the Only Hell (My Mama Raised)’
Allie Colleen; Album Artwork: The Factory Photography by Goldy Locks

Country newcomer Allie Colleen carries on the family tradition in her latest single, celebrating the rebellion of youth in “Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised).”

Co-written by the singer-songwriter and Karleen Watts, the track features a boldly independent spirit and an organic, ’90s country sound — itself a throwback to Colleen’s family story. Matching her bright, effervescent vocal to personal lyrics all about the girl her mother was before she became “mom,” the two-stepping track was inspired by an old photo and a story never told, as the writers recognized their own devil-may-care charm in those long-ago eyes.

That backstory alone would be interesting enough, but the hook is that Colleen’s family photos are a bit more noteworthy than others. She happens to be the youngest of three daughters born to superstar Garth Brooks and his first wife, Sandy Mahl, and now counts country icon Trisha Yearwood as her stepmom.

“This song goes out to all the moms, to all the women who put their hell-raising lives on hold to raise their babies,” Colleen shares about the track. “My mom(s) are my greatest role models. I am who I am because of who they are.”

“You can’t expect me to learn from something I ain’t even tried / I ain’t afraid to crash and burn, just wanna live while I’m alive / I’ve got her blood in my veins / I ain’t the only hell my momma raised,” goes the anthemic chorus.

“Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised)” is the latest release since Colleen hit the scene about a year ago, previously unveiling “Work In Progress,” “Along the Way” and “Take Up Your Arms.” She also opened up about herself and her family legacy during an interview on The Bobby Bones Show.