Alyssa Micaela’s ‘Cowboys Like That’ EP Showcases Her Genuine Personality

“I think it’s a good representation of who I am," Micaela tells SLN of the forthcoming five-song EP. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Alyssa Micaela’s ‘Cowboys Like That’ EP Showcases Her Genuine Personality
Alyssa Micaela; Publicity Photo

Alyssa Micaela has her sights set on making her name known with the forthcoming release of her new EP, Cowboys Like That.

The five-song project features tracks she’s been working on with producer Corey Crowder, with the help of inspiration and proclaimed “blessing” in Micaela’s life, Liz Rose, to create a solid and strong record that shows off the candid and honest side of her personality. From songs that raise emotions up high, to a couple hilarious tongue-in-cheek commentaries on the EP, Micaela hopes listeners relate to the project.

“One’s called ‘Clean Break’ and another one’s called ‘Highlights,’ which is kind of about social media stuff. So it’s kinda funny because it’s very true and relatable. I have another song called ‘Cowboys Like That,’ which is a song for my grandpa. It’s really special to me and it’s my favorite one on there, so I’m really excited for people to hear it. I hope they like it and relate to it, whether it’s their grandpa or whoever it is in their life,” the singer/songwriter told Sounds Like Nashville during a recent phone interview.

“Then there’s another one, my second favorite, is called ‘I’m In a Bar,’ and I freakin’ love it. It’s really, really fun and I had some of my girlfriends sing on it with me in the studio, so that’s exciting. We’re adding ‘Getaway Car’ as the fifth track, which is already out,” she added.

Although she may be new to the game of country music and working her way onto the horizon, Micaela draws from the reality she’s known throughout her life to use as her songwriting secret weapon.“You know I’m just 24 and I write what I know. I go out with my friends and I just find inspiration in just everyday life or things that I hear when I’m out, things that I hear people say and just anything, really,” admitted the Texas native.

From track to track though, Micaela hopes Cowboys Like That will help her put her own stamp on the genre.

“I think it’s a good representation of who I am because I’m just getting started and not very many people know who I am,” she said to SLN. “So whether they do know me, I want them to hear this and be like, ‘Wow. This is Alyssa and this is awesome.’ If they don’t know me, I want them to hear it and I want them to feel like they know me. I want people to feel like they want to be my friend. It’s definitely a good representation of who I am.”

Micaela’s new EP, Cowboys Like That, will be released on Friday, March 10. To celebrate, join Micaela and Sounds Like Nashville for a special online EP release party on Thursday, March 9 at 3pm CT. We’ll be streaming live on Facebook and Instagram…hope to see you there!

Alyssa Micaela

Alyssa Micaela