Alyssa Micaela’s Breezy ‘Tie Dye’ Is A Summer Jam

Alyssa Micaela releases vibrant, fun-loving and meaningful summer anthem. 

Written by Jeremy Chua
Alyssa Micaela’s Breezy ‘Tie Dye’ Is A Summer Jam
Alyssa Micaela; Photo credit: Emma-Lee

Rising country singer Alyssa Micaela has released “Tie Dye,” a new bright and upbeat new song that’s been made perfect for your summer 2020 playlist.

With the track dropping in the middle of a global pandemic, national antiracism protests and pride month, its love-centered lyrics couldn’t be more apt. “A little bit of pink, a little bit of blue / Twist it all up let it do what it do / Whatever you like give it a try  / In a world full of black and white / We need a little tie dye,” Micaela sings in the invitational chorus, over groovy guitar riffs and drum beats. 

“I believe that being different is what makes our world so fascinating and inspiring. That everyone should have scream-from-the-mountaintops kind of pride in who they are, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or any other ‘category’ we’ve created to label our own kind,” the Odessa, Texas native says in a statement. “That self-love is what we wrote the song about. I think if we all took a giant step back and looked at the world and all its people, we’d give ourselves a chance to see the ‘Tie Dye’ masterpiece God has created.” 

The accompanying music video, directed by Quinton Cook, adopts a similar message with its vibrant visuals and gypsy-like backdrop, as Micaela and her friends euphorically party away in an airstream and backyard. 

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With everything going on in the world, I have a big mixed bag of emotions and feelings when it comes to releasing and promoting new music. After thinking it over, I've decided to move forward with releasing my new single "Tie Dye" this Friday, because the message of the song was important to me the day we wrote it and even more so today. I am half white, half Mexican, and am grateful for parents who raised me to appreciate and celebrate different cultures. What’s happening in this country with racism is completely heartbreaking and overwhelming, but we can conquer it together by radically embracing love and finding beauty in our differences. I hope this happy hippie song brings us closer together in a world that's being pushed apart and reminds us to embrace all the different colors of the rainbow. In a world full of black and white, we need a little Tie Dye 🌈💛✌🏽

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“I am half white and half Mexican, the people in the video are my friends. One of the most important things to me was making sure we showed diversity because the whole message of the song is about being exactly who you are and owning it,” Micaela said of the vibrant clip.

“Tie Dye” is the second offering from Micaela’s upcoming EP. Earlier this year, she dropped “Mad Love,” another song off the new project.

Get ready to get your groove on with “Tie Dye” as your usher in all the good vibes of summer!