Andrew Jannakos Revels In Nostalgia On His Journey To ‘Wine Country’

The slow country grooves on this love song is perfect!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Andrew Jannakos Revels In Nostalgia On His Journey To ‘Wine Country’
Andrew Jannakos; Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Rising country singer and newly-signed RCA/Sony Nashville artist Andrew Jannakos has released a brand new song called “Wine Country.” On the track, Jannakos conveys his desire for intimacy using throwback tropes like the “warm sound of vinyl,” pedal steel, or music from country greats, George Jones and Patsy Cline. There is an undeniable longing for things of the past and the romantic atmosphere they create. 

Even if younger listeners don’t grasp these lyrical references right off the bat, Jannakos’ passionate delivery will rouse their desire to be acquainted with these old but gold fixtures.

“Let that wine country / Play us on out to the back porch / And slow dance, you taking my time, honey / Settle on into them three chords / I could be your George Jones / Little six string picking gonna hold on,” the Flowery Branch, Georgia native sings on the amorous tune over a mid-tempo production, complete with slow drum beats and “pedal steel moans.”

“I wrote ‘Wine Country’ with Jason Afable, Eric Mallon and Alex Pennington Smith at a Chattanooga writer’s retreat. We were the last ones there on the final day and decided to write one more song,” Jannakos says in a press statement. “It’s about getting off that shift on a Friday and throwing on a movie, a fire, some wine country, and just letting the music take you.”

The release of “Wine Country” comes after Jannakos teased the highly anticipated track on TikTok last year. Prior to that, the singer released a clip of him belting the then-unreleased “Gone To Soon” while cooking, which later went viral. To date, Jannakos’ profile boasts over a whopping 6.8 million likes and just over 795k followers. 

One of Sounds Like Nashville’s 2021 Artists To Watch, Jannakos was also featured on the site’s Get To Know column, where he shared about his journey to Season 16 of The Voice and striking out on his own via Tik Tok, before landing a major label record deal in 2020.

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