Quarantine Q&A: Keep Busy With Ashley McBryde’s Stay-at-Home Activities

The breakout singer shares her current favorite movies, music and more during quarantine!

Written by Drew Pearce
Quarantine Q&A: Keep Busy With Ashley McBryde’s Stay-at-Home Activities
Ashley McBryde - credit Katie Kauss

Though she may be cooped up at home, breakout country star Ashley McBryde discovered is keeping herself busy during quarantine by journaling, playing fetch with her dog and watching television programs like Outlander. Though she managed to keep herself occupied, the “One Night Standards” singer still found time to warn her fans to stay home during this time.

“A pandemic, it sounds like a thing that just happens in the movies, and you can joke and say ‘well, this virus has a 98% survival rate. Why is it that big of a deal?’ It has a 98% survival rate because not that many of us have it right now,” McBryde told Sounds Like Nashville. “It’s just not that hard to stay at home.”

Sounds Like Nashville got on how the country powerhouse has managed to stay sane during social distancing. Check out Ashley McBryde’s quarantine favorites below!

Movies I’m watching: My favorite movie of all time is Tombstone. Because never – not before or since – has an actor so successfully stolen the entire show as Val Kilmer [as Doc Holiday]. His co-stars a Kurt Russell and Sam Elliot, and he manages to steal the show in the most delightful way. That movie is packed with quotes.

Music I’m listening to: Right now, I’m probably driving my neighbors nuts with the Brandy Clark record. She didn’t just make a Brandy Clark record and [producer] Jay Joyce didn’t just make a Jay Joyce record. They really mind-melded.

Games I’m playing: I used to be really good at Spades. It’s been a really long time since I’ve played; I don’t think I have a deck of cards anymore. I used to be really good at that.

Books I’m reading: The Wettest County in the World, and it was actually made into a film called Lawless. It’s got Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf in it, and it’s about this county in Virginia, about moonshine runners. It’s three brothers and how they lived their lives and how they felt indestructible, and they basically were for a long time. It was a really, really interesting story.

TV shows I’m binging: Right now I’m doing the Outlander thing. I used to be a big Walking Dead fan, but it kind of lost me. It got a little soap opera-y. When I just sit down and don’t want to think about anything, I watch Bob’s Burgers. It’s very funny.