Aubrie Sellers Tackles Anxiety on New Track ‘Worried Mind’

The country songstress sings about her struggles with mental health in her new single.

Written by Drew Pearce
Aubrie Sellers Tackles Anxiety on New Track ‘Worried Mind’
Aubrie Sellers; Photo courtesy of BT PR

Following the release of gritty songs “Drag You Down” and “My Love Will Not Change,” country songstress Aubrie Sellers dropped her new single “Worried Mind.”

The track will appear on Far From Home, her long-awaited sophomore album.

“Everybody says you gotta get out / I try to have fun but I don’t know how / I got a worried mind, I got worried mind,” Sellers sings over a dirty guitar line, blending elements of rock and outlaw country with ease. Throughout the song, she sings about the feeling of isolation when it comes to dealing with anxiety, and she incorporates minimalist percussion as the tune goes on, allowing the intensity to build with each passing second.

Sellers also put out a video featuring her singing a stripped-down version of the single alone in a diner, which echoes the song’s themes of loneliness and anxiety.

“I struggle with anxiety and am very open about it in my writing because I want other people who go through this to realize they aren’t the only ones,” the Nashville native explained. “This may be a part of my life or your life, but it’s only a part, and in a way, it may be a good thing because it makes us who we are.”

Far From Home is slated for release on Feb. 7. Singles “Worried Mind,” “Drag You Down” and “My Love Will Not Change” are currently available for download and streaming.