Austin Moody and Jennifer Wayne Unveil Romantic Ode, ‘Forever Now’

It captures all that's to love about a classic country love song!

Written by Jeremy Chua
Austin Moody and Jennifer Wayne Unveil Romantic Ode, ‘Forever Now’
Austin Moody and Jennifer Wayne (of Runaway June); Photo Credit: Glass Jar Photography

Just on the heels of their first wedding anniversary, country newcomer Austin Moody and Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne have taken their love for each other into the recording studio for a heartwarming love song, “Forever Now.”

Arriving on Sounds Like Nashville today ahead of its official release (February 11), the breezy sentimental ode, written by Wayne, takes a nostalgic look back on the individuals’ lives before finding each other.

“I’m a little more wonder, a little less static / I’m a little more stick shift than automatic / I’m a more of a flyer than walker on the ground / Yeah a little slower than most at settling down,” the songstress confesses on the autobiographical opening verse. 

Getting married isn’t something that comes instantly and naturally to Wayne, as she reflects. But, when the right one comes along, life changes, and the only thing that makes sense is to say yes.

“But you must have caught me at the right time because I’m liking being yours and you being mine / Let’s not say forever at least not out loud / I don’t want to freak out but it’s feeling like forever now,” husband and wife sing harmoniously on the chorus, before Moody goes solo on the second verse. 

“I’m a little more private than public affection / But when you take my hand I follow your direction / And baby on that hand, don’t need a ring on my finger / No diamond, no band could make me a believer,” the country up-and-comer admits.

“When I heard ‘Forever Now’ it put me right back on the bench seat of my old Ford truck taking Jennifer on our first date,” Moody tells Sounds Like Nashville. “We didn’t waste any time getting to know each other and by the end of the night it truly felt like I had met my ‘Forever Now’.”

Wayne adds, “‘Forever Now’ is my story. I’ve always been afraid to settle down until I was sure that I met the right person… and when I did, I knew in an instant that it was ‘forever’.”

With their new collaborative tune, Moody hopes to capture the charm of good ol’ country duets made famous by past and present superstar couples. 

“I think throughout the history of country music, fans have enjoyed nothing more than two people in love singing to each other. Johnny and June, George and Tammy, Tim and Faith and the list goes on,” the 30-year-old notes in excitement. “Now it’s our turn, baby!”

Sonically, “Forever Now” also veers more in the traditional country lane with a charming rootsy production orchestrated by award-winning producer, Tony Brown (George Strait, Reba, Vince Gill).

“As a producer, you dream that magic happens in the studio. Well, magic happened when we cut this duet of two lovebirds singing about falling in Love,” shares Brown, who dubs the track as one of his favorites he’s produced.

“Having Tony Brown produce this song was a dream come true,” Moody says. “He knew exactly what needed to happen and brought ‘Forever Now’ to life.”

Moody and Wayne were engaged just before New Year’s Eve in 2020. Shortly after, they married at a small beachfront wedding ceremony in January 2021. The couple are currently expecting their first child, a baby girl, in April.

While you for “Forever Now” to officially release across digital platforms tomorrow, listen to the song above.