Ben Rector Gives Fans a Taste of Forthcoming Album ‘The Joy of Music’

Written by Lisa Valentine
Ben Rector Gives Fans a Taste of Forthcoming Album ‘The Joy of Music’

Singer-Songwriter Ben Rector hit the ground running in 2022, wasting no time of this new year as he released three new songs on January 7 from his forthcoming album The Joy of Music. Known for his clever, relatable lyrics and memorable melodies, Rector gives fans a taste of his newest project with the first three songs off the highly anticipated album due out March 11. More than just an album, The Joy of Music showcases Rector’s creative spirit as he will be releasing a short film to accompany the music followed by a concert tour later this year.

These imaginative and innovative songs have come right when the world could use them the most. In a time where the world has grown weary and disillusioned, “Dream On”, “Supernatural”, and “Living My Best Life” acknowledge the struggles and unexpected realities of life, while reigniting a spark of wonder that has been lost by so many.

Rector took his creativity to new heights with the short film that encompasses the music of this album in visual form. He gave fans a sneak peek of the film last month at an exclusive fan viewing party. With this first release of music off the album, he put out a music video for the opening track “Dream On” that gives audiences a taste of the film.

In the opening track “Dream On”, Rector inspires listeners to return to the bright-eyed world of childhood and endless possibilities. With many of his fans taking steps into the various phases of adulthood, the song’s simplistic melody drives home meaningful lyrics and a powerful message to never quit dreaming. Urging listeners to awaken long lost hopes and stirring up inspiration in hard times, the stripped down piano powered song refrains, “When the world says you’re crazy, just tell them they’re wrong and dream on.”

With “Dream On” setting the tone for the album, Rector the first of what has been promised to be numerous, impressive collaborations with song “Supernatural”, featuring nine-time GRAMMY® nominated jazz musician Dave Koz. An 80s dance vibe paired with Koz’s grand saxophone solos, and a catchy chorus come together to make “Supernatural” a unique track with a sound all its own.

 “Living My Best Life”—the final song from this early installment of the record—is an anthem that is sure to be a standout song on the album. Kicking off with a gospel choir, this upbeat, feel-good track is one of those special songs in which it is impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to. Written solely by Rector, the song gives a look inside his life and the uninterrupted time he experienced at home during the pandemic. The song draws from the changes of so many of Rector’s millennial fans can relate to as they move on from carefree youthful days and enter into new roles of adulthood as parents and professionals. With lyrics about getting his “steps in” and being “a man who has opinions on an ottoman among other things”, he acknowledges the simple joys of holding his daughter’s hand and his wife being his best friend. In a world of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations and comparisons, Rector shares the everyday joys of taking life in stride and “learning how to eat the fruit that is in season”.

Giving fans a taste of this new project, Rector has left listeners anxiously awaiting to hear what is to come from the rest of his eighth studio album The Joy of Music set to be released on March 11.