Billy Currington Celebrates Five Year Anniversary of ‘Summer Forever’

Who remembers the triple hits off this instant classic?

Billy Currington Celebrates Five Year Anniversary of ‘Summer Forever’
Billy Currington; Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Billy Currington is looking back to one of the best “summers” of his life this month, celebrating the fifth anniversary of his album, Summer Forever.

Back in June of 2015, the beach-loving Georgia native had just dropped his sixth studio album, and at the time it seemed like the chart-topping part of his career may be winding down. Although he’d always been a reliable hit maker with a dedicated fanbase, country was moving toward an edgier Top 40-oriented sound, and Currington had established his sandy, feel-good approach more than 10 years earlier. But Summer Forever put those assumptions to rest.

Currington went on to score three Platinum-certified Number Ones from the project, including “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To,” “Do I Make You Wanna,” and “Don’t It.” And in a short clip to highlight that success, he says it all felt meant to be.

Speaking briefly about each of the hits, Currington notes that they all have their own personality and backstory. But there’s a common denominator to the album, and maybe that’s what pushed it to Gold-certified status. “I would hand you this album and say, ‘This album was made with a lot of love,'” he explains.

Cheers to Currington on his milestone … and here’s to hoping this particular summer doesn’t last forever.