Blake Shelton and Pitbull Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Get Ready’ Video

Find out how this crazy collab came to be!

Written by Chris Parton
Blake Shelton and Pitbull Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Get Ready’ Video
Blake Shelton and Pitbull; Photo via Facebook

After dropping their mind-bending “Get Ready” electronic dance collaboration last September, Blake Shelton and Latin American pop star Pitbull are back together for an upcoming music video — and the unlikely pair are teasing fans with a behind-the-scenes clip.

Showing the video’s two main components — hot-and-heavy action in Pitbull’s native South Florida and twangy two-stepping in the country music mecca of Nashville for Shelton — it highlights the project’s come-together theme and makes the video look just as frenetic as the wild-eyed “Get Ready” is itself.

Based on Ram Jam’s classic rock hit, “Black Betty,” the new track finds Shelton delivering the song’s “Whoa, get ready (Bam-ba-lam)” hook, while Pitbull lets the high-energy party lyrics fly — and the pair say their unexpected collab happened naturally.

“We were doing a show together in Pendleton, Oregon, if I’m not mistaken,” Pitbull explains. “We had a great time, the crowd was amazing. The next thing you know I’m in the trailer, and all of a sudden a dog runs up on me. I go to pick up the dog and say ‘Blake, what’s the dog’s name?’ He says ‘Black Betty,’ so it stayed in my mind…. We jumped on the plane and I told DJ Chino ‘Hey, don’t we got a record called “Black Betty” we can sing on?’ Sure enough, he played it for me … we been sitting on it since 2014, and now we’re shooting a music video here in Nashville in 2020. It goes to show that patience is a virtue!”

There’s no word on when the video will premiere, but it looks like both artists have high expectations for their country-meets-hip-hop experiment.

“This to me is like when Run DMC and Aerosmith did ‘Walk This Way,’” Pitbull says about the groundbreaking 1986 rap/rock crossover. “It’s got that big, statement feel to it.”