Blanco Brown to Release Debut Album ‘Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs’

"The Git Up" hitmaker's full-length debut arrives October 11.

Written by Chris Parton
Blanco Brown to Release Debut Album ‘Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs’
Blanco Brown; Photo Credit: J.Kaviar

“The Git Up” hitmaker Blanco Brown is backing his chart topping smash with a full album, announcing plans to release Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs on October 11.

Fusing hip-hop and rap with country into a new sound he’s dubbed “TrailerTrap,” Brown draws on artists like Johnny Cash and Outkast — both of whom he listened to growing up. Back then, Brown spent the school year in the housing projects of Atlanta and summers with family in rural Butler, Georgia, but this year he’s exploded onto the country stage with his danceable sensation, “The Git Up.” The track has now spent 9 weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, and Brown figures to take fans deeper into his musical world with his debut full-length project.

Featuring brand new tracks and others released earlier this year on his self-titled EP, Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs was 100-percent written or co-written by Brown, and he also produced each track in addition to playing many of the instruments.

“This album represents everything I stand for and all of the different entities of my life,” Brown says. “For a long time, I was anxious about releasing my own music. I often wondered what the outcome would be and if people would accept my sound, culture, music and the TrailerTrap lifestyle, but I’m finally ready to be my own narrator. I credit my friends, fans and family for rooting me on, giving me the confidence I lacked and propelling me to this moment.

“I can’t identify why I love (or don’t love) a song,” he continues. “I just know what it feels like and how it hits me personally. This album has all of the elements of sound that I love and relate to. I went into the creation process and just allowed music to be what music is — it’s un-boxable and I hope people find something in this album that hits them.”

Blanco Brown’s Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs track listing:

  1. “Temporary Insanity” — (Bennie Amey III)
  2. “HeadNod” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam DiCesare, Abraham Abushmais, Ken Fambro)
  3. “Funky Tonk” — (Bennie Amey III, Bennie Amey Jr., Quintin Amey, James Brabham)
  4. “CountryTime” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam DiCesare, Abraham Abushmais)
  5. “Georgia Power” — (Bennie Amey III, Isaiah Brown, John Whitfield, Dominic Crawford)
  6. “Gemini (Damn Right)” — (Bennie Amey III, Quintin Amey)
  7. “Ghett Ol Memories” — (Bennie Amey III, Corey Marquez Stephens, Liby Vongmanee)
  8. “Don’t Love Her” — (Bennie Amey III, Sam Dicesare)
  9. “Tn Whiskey” — (Bennie Amey III)
  10. “The Git Up” — (Bennie Amey III)